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1619 N Union Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 445-1017
About Aspen Auto Clinic is a premier award winning "dealership alternative" for all automotive maintenance and repairs. We are one of the fastest growing businesses in the Front Range region and proudly serve customers with quality parts, excellent service, quality team of experts and with the BEST warranty unsurpassed in this industry. Bring your car to us, we'll earn your trust!
Latest Reviews for Aspen Auto Clinic - Union
Oil change
Juan is able to get the car in, even those I was early. It was finished in good time. The only issue I had afterwards, was the staff turned on my CD player. Also left the air conditioner on. If they are checking those systems they needed to shut them back off. I guess it is good to check my CD player too!!!
Vehicle: Ford Taurus
Service Date: 07/24/2015
Review Created: 07/25/2015 07:47 PM
Friendly, and through, with excellent results.
Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Service Date: 07/07/2015
Review Created: 07/23/2015 09:44 AM
Great service always
I've always recieved the best service and I like that I still know many of the faces over the last six years.
Vehicle: Jaguar X-Type
Service Date: 07/16/2015
Review Created: 07/17/2015 08:09 PM
Great customer service
My entire experience was great. The staff was super friendly and helpful (even though I was late to my appointment :)). I will definitely be back!
Vehicle: Pontiac G5
Service Date: 07/10/2015
Review Created: 07/12/2015 03:09 PM
Good People. Good Service.
They did have my car for quite awhile. However they were very patient with me being so anxious. They did their best to get the part I needed. They also provided me with transportation while my car was there. Thanks a bunch.
Vehicle: Land Rover Discovery
Service Date: 07/09/2015
Review Created: 07/11/2015 09:57 AM
Arthur said he appreciates the business. The employees are always nice to him and they do great work.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 07/03/2015
Review Created: 07/08/2015
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Barbara said she is very pleased with this business.
Vehicle: Nissan Sentra
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/23/2015
Review Created: 07/06/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
They took care of everything
I was nervous and unknowing...they did it all. Even took pictures of my broken parts to explain what was happening.
Vehicle: Toyota Sienna
Service Date: 07/01/2015
Review Created: 07/05/2015 09:33 PM
Cheri said the service is always good at the business, and she has already recommended them.
Vehicle: Jeep Liberty
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/26/2015
Review Created: 07/02/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Donna said it does not matter who is at the desk at this business because they are all friendly. They know what they are doing and are able to answer any question she has. They are good.
Vehicle: Ford Five Hundred
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/27/2015
Review Created: 07/02/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Daniel said things were taken care of by this business. His overall service visit with them was good.
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Galant
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/27/2015
Review Created: 07/02/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Nate and Mike were great. Very friendly and professional. I work and Perkins Motors an still bring my vehicle to Aspen and will continue to do so.
Vehicle: Ford Focus
Service Date: 06/29/2015
Review Created: 07/01/2015 11:04 AM
Won't go back
The shop put on the wrong muffler that made the vehicle absurdly loud. I am surprised they signed off on this work. Then they didn’t have my vehicle ready on the day we requested. They needed 3 more days. I took it back to have the muffler removed and the appropriate muffler installed. Gave them a week to complete the work. I called three times that week to confirm the pickup date (on a Saturday), to include the day I was to pick it up. An hour before I was scheduled to pick up my vehicle they said the shop was closed and could not get me the vehicle until Monday. Unorganized, not engaged with the mechanics at their offsite shops, do not fully understand the problems of the vehicle, cannot be counted on to have the vehicle in tip top shape and ready on the day the customer requests. I will not go back.
Vehicle: Volvo XC90
Service Date: 06/19/2015
Review Created: 06/30/2015 02:47 PM
Mike M. at Aspen Auto Clinic - Union responded on 07/01/2015

Stephen, I wanted to respond on line after our phone conversation this morning. Again I apologize  for the poor handling of the repair on your vehicle. We did not communicate clearly with the exhaust shop and dropped the ball on getting your vehicle back to you in a timely manner. As you stated there are many good reviews for us on line and all I can ask is that when you do need further repairs to your vehicle that you allow us another opportunity to show you what Aspen Auto Clinics are all about. Thank You for your time on the phone today.
Mike M
Store Manager 
Aspen Auto Clinic
1619 N. Union Blvd

Awesome customer service as always
Everyone is friendly, yet professional. I had a problem with an earlier repair, but Juan was able to replace the part under warranty for me. I am so pleased to have a shop I can trust! I will sing your praises.
Vehicle: Honda Civic
Service Date: 06/23/2015
Review Created: 06/30/2015 02:33 PM
wonderful team at Aspen
They caught my leaking water pump before it went out. Im grateful because I going on a trip. Didn't need to break down on the road.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Suburban
Service Date: 06/26/2015
Review Created: 06/27/2015 08:05 PM
Christy said she was very pleased with the business. The staff at the business was attentive and cared that her service needs were met. They are a trustworthy and friendly group of people and she trusts them. The facility is good for kids because the have a kids play area and they made her feel comfortable.
Vehicle: Ford Explorer
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/19/2015
Review Created: 06/24/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Gary said the business is very friendly and they did the job well. The staff at the front was very professional.
Vehicle: Lexus LS 430
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/15/2015
Review Created: 06/17/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Quick, clean service
Did just what I needed.
Vehicle: Chrysler Pacifica
Service Date: 06/10/2015
Review Created: 06/15/2015 07:16 PM
Great experience!
Juan and his team took the extra time necessary to find the problem with vibration in my 1997 4Runner. I assumed it was a tire balance issue or worse. It was a tire balance issue but it was caused by a buildup of concreted sand on the back side of my wheels. They were able to determine the problem, scrape off the sand and then effectively balance the tires. Vibration gone. Great work, guys. Thanks!
Vehicle: Toyota 4Runner
Service Date: 06/10/2015
Review Created: 06/12/2015 07:10 AM
Bill said he went to this business to get the oil changed in his wife's vehicle. He went to her regular mechanic afterwards and was told the business did not clean up the oil under the vehicle.
Vehicle: Honda CR-V
Category: Service
Service Date: 05/27/2015
Review Created: 06/10/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
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