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Leslie J. on 03/22/2016
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"3rd vehicle in 90 days!!"
I'd never have thought I was the type to change my mind on a vehicle I'd purchased in December. We went there to look at a vehicle for my daughter who's going to have a baby.

As she test drove a 2016 RAV 4, I began to really love the car. And I began to realize that maybe I didn't actually need a truck as much as I needed a safe vehicle that could take the rotten rainy weather of western Washington's winter.

I'd purchased the truck from Toyota of Puyallup. Don't blame Nils McKenney for my mistake. I'd already told him I wanted the exact truck I bought. I LOVED MY TRUCK but I was stopping for gas way too much. And really, as my daughter asked me, how many times do you haul dirt?

The kicker was the Rav 4 hybrid test drive was comfortable, safe, according to my daughter fun to drive and oh yeah BRAND NEW. She even remarked wow this has some power behind it. Really? A hybrid?? Yeppers it sure does.

So, while we did her deal I began to think more and more that I wanted one too. Saving gas?? Oh yeah. Every review I checked on while in their dealership was positive.

So I did it. Yeah, I took a hit financially, but that's my fault. I will make that up by not going to the gas station so much and because I get maintenance as part of the new car warranty.

Toyota of Puyallup has excellent staff. Not one of their sales people has "that" smucky personality.

Instead every single one of them are normal people doing their jobs in a respectful, professional detailed and thoughtful way.

Nils McKenny sold me 3 vehicles. I helped my daughter, a truck and now a my own Rav 4. All since December 2015.

At no time was I pressured. Nor was I asked, "name your price" so he could hassle me for a couple of hours to an "agreed" upon price.

Nor did he try to find me the car I didn't want or need in order to boost his commission while cheesily telling me he could make me a deal I could not refuse.

Nils took the time to find out about me, and then my daughter.

And guess what? That's why he made the deal all 3 times!

BTW, the bad car salesman I referenced was the experience my daughter had before coming here. She was pleasantly surprised.
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Sales Date: 03/22/2016
Review Created: 03/22/2016 08:05 PM