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Verified Customer
Brooks, GA
Porsche 911 Carrera
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Overfilled my Engine on Oil Change
Overfilled my Porsche 911 Turbo engine by 1.5 quarts. It billowed white smoke and was running inconsistently. Unsure of the extent of the damage caused. Have to take it to Porsche for analysis.

Peachtree City, GA
Honda Pilot
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
$3000 and still leaking oil
Not so happy with my last 2, very expensive visits. We've now spent close to $3000 on the car and it is still dripping oil in the garage. I know we need to bring it back yet again, but just haven't had the time. In addition, one of the services we requested last time (replacing a light bulb behind the dash) was not done even after leaving the car with you for several days. I've typically had a good experience, but no so much right now.

joseph s.
Peachtree City, GA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
car would not start
I am writing to review to express my sincere displeasure with my recent experience with Theos this past May 2018. My car would not start at home on May 7th, 2018, so I had Triple AAA come and give me a jump. The next I drove my car to 'Theos to be assessed. I was told that the battery was slowly loosing power these are the words of the tech who was keeping me informed. He also they would look any and all things that were draining the battery. After a week I was told that the battery not the cause of the car not starting. When I inquired if its just battery why don't they just replace it. I was told that so far things were fine and maybe I should get a battery tender going forward. Therefore I went to Autozone and purchased a battery tender for which they put on at there suggestion remember. At any rate, I was concerned that it had been 10 days and still no solution to the problem. So I went to inquire what the problem was and was told it was still undergoing a work up. At that point I suggested I take my car to a Jaguar dealership if they could not find the problem. I was assured again by the tech they would find the problem. Finally after 2 weeks I was told that the battery was not the problem but a relay switch related to my key causing my car not to start and that they had done all they could but now they suggest I take my car to the Jaguar dealership didn't I suggest this over a week ago was my response.. At this point I am livid because not only have they not find out what the problem was but charged me 298 dollars to put on a battery tender for Jaguar charges 170 dollars. As I was driving off something did not seem right once home in PTC the next morning my car would not start. I called Triple AAA and had my car towed to Hennessy Jaguar of Buckhead. My service advisor assured me they would find the problem after one day I was told my battery was the problem and should be replaced.. So I asked the service advisor did they check the key and the battery relay to which she looked dumbfounded as was I while at Theo's. My issue with Theo's is this simple if you did not know what you were doing just be Honest and admit the fact you guys had No idea what was going on with my car. I have dealt with Theo's in the past but Never again. They Cannot be trusted so future customers Beware.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 06/26/2018

Dr. Saulsbury, 
I am disappointed to read this review and see how displeased you are with our services after so many years of your loyalty. After reviewing your invoice I do see that the $292 charge was not only for the install of the battery tender, but additionally, for over 2 hours of diagnostic time, a key fob battery, and the installation of the key fob battery. I do understand that ultimately we were unable to fix the issue, however, our technician did spend a few hours working on your vehicle and therefore should be paid for his time, knowledge, and labor. Furthermore, Jim was your service adviser at your last visit, so if you were speaking with one of the females up front regarding your invoice they would have no knowledge of the work performed, and should have forwarded you to your service advisor. Again, I am very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction and we are very sorry to see a customer go. If you need anything in the future feel free to contact us. Thank you

Locust Grove, GA
Jeep Patriot
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Price gouging at its finest
Had my clutch go out and had it towed here, they charged me 60$ just to look at it and make the very obvious statement of YUP clutch is out. And then quoted 1500$ for a 4 hour job and a 150$ part.

4 other mechanics quoted 500$ less.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 04/02/2018

Mr. Caleb,
The price we quoted you for a AWD vehicle should have been according to a National repair estimator (which by the way is on our website) between $1228 to $1691.
Labor for a AWD is not as you claim 4 hrs. it is according to the flat rate that all shops use 7.7 hrs.
The price you were quoted to replace the clutch with quality parts (not junk) inluding resurfacing the flywheel, that as you claim "gouging" was prety reasonable.
You are one of the 0.5% of our 1200 customer that have posted reviews, that feel this way.
In regards to check out fee, is a standard for creating an invoice and to have a certified Mechanic inspect your vehicle etc.
This fee would have been waived if we have done the work.

Alpharetta, GA
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Misleading pricing
Not clear, transparent or consistent on their pricing...
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 09/27/2017

Mr. Ryan,
I went through your invoice with my staff, according to their explanation to me is that did not charge you for diagnostics for your in-op lift gate, they only charged you to repair it.
If you were to take your problem elsewhere including the dealer you would have been charged at least one hr. of diagnostic time.
Furthermore before the work was done you were informed and approved the repairs. If you were not satisfied with our quote you could have brought it to our attention or declined the repairs.
To date we have 98% positive reviews on our results, that is an unprecedented number of over 1050 reviews.
These results speak for themselves. I am sorry that the one-star reviews you gave us represents less than 1% of that total.
Have a nice day, THEO

Peachtree City, GA
Mercedes-Benz GL450
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Does not keep customers informed
I made an appointment in advance to bring my vehicle in at 8 AM one day. At the end of that day but heard nothing from Theos. I had to call them at 5 PM to find out the status. Because someone did not come in they could not look at my vehicle nor could they have the other technician look at it.
Finally I heard from them in the middle of the second day. I promise I order a part and have the vehicle ready to go by day three. Again the next day did not hear anything from them. They could not get the part as promised which caused another delay. finally on the last day (day 4) it was finished. There were several opportunities to keep me informed and or adjust their workforce so that someone could look at the car. Oh yeah and to top it off I pick my vehicle up finally on Friday afternoon on the drive home the check engine light comes on
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 11/23/2016

Mr. Don,
I am sorry for your problem and I would like to apologize and acknowledge your issue. This is not how we do business that is why we have out of 900 customers 97% positive reviews.
I was very upset upon my return from vacation to find out about your issue. We had a talk with my guys and it appears that it had fallen into a crack. Again, I apologize for mishandling your problem and lack of communication and we can assure you it will not happen again.
Thank you, THEO

Sharpsburg, GA
Infiniti G35
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I took my 05 Infiniti G35 in for some routine repairs on Wed, Mar 24. It took a full day to get back to me with a diagnosis & estimate for replacing the drive belts, a radiator, and leaking oil pan gasket. They called me for pick up on Thur afternoon, and I picked up after hours. On the way home, I realized the heater wouldn't blow hot, so I took it right back and left a note. Picked up again Friday midday, having been told the new radiator had an air bubble that caused the heating issue. Saturday I noticed a large oil puddle underneath worse than before, so again took it back Sun eve & left a note. Monday they explained they reinstalled the oil pan gasket but asked me to leave it overnight to cure. I said I would need a loaner and they extended one. Back Tue mid morning to pick up. Saw Theo and pulled him aside to express my concerns about the number of visits to resolve these seemingly routine repairs. He brought me into the shop to show me the underside of my car where they had resealed the oil pan gasket, and about that time another oil leak became visible. Theo then correctly diagnosed a leaking oil cooler seal behind the oil filter housing, and ordered the onlooking, but apparently unskilled worker to replace it. He sent me on my way yet again with the loaner. Finally, late Tue afternoon, I had my car back and all seems well. However, I wonder if my problem with the oil leak the entire time may have been this small seal instead of the oil pan gasket. So it took me 4 total trips over a period of 6 days to properly complete these simple repairs. I have used Theo's many times and sent many other friends and co-workers his way. But this time, as I explained to him, I was very disappointed with the service, not to mention that even after speaking with Theo he didn't offer to credit any portion of my bill. I am sorry to say I can no longer recommend Theo's until some improvements are made.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 03/03/2016

Mr. Russ,
Thank you for your detailed review. I am sorry we did not meet your expectations this time.
We did the best we could to take care of these minor problems, including an explanation from me yesterday as well as a courtesy car for you to drive. Yes I admit a couple minor mistakes were made, however, I was not aware that you wanted to be rewarded. As you can see we have 97% positive reviews (out of 740) on this site alone because we care and take pride what we do, and always do the right thing, however we are human just like you and small mistakes like that are going to happen no matter how hard we try.
And by the way your car had two leaks one major from the lower oil pan silicone sealer that you paid for and the second leak, it was very minor that I found and it was fixed as a courtesy and free of charge. The “unskilled worker” you mentioned on your nasty and long review is a 15 years veteran and ASE certified tech.
Thank you, THEO

Fayetteville, GA
Audi A5
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I was charge $26 per spark plug for a $10 spark plug. So I was charge $155 for 6 plugs that should have been $60. That's not including the $185.30 to install them.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 11/16/2015

Mr. Jarret,
First of all you were quoted the total price before repairs were done on your vehicle that you approved. You had a chance to opt out if, as you claim, we were too expensive. Secondly, there are four different spark plugs made for your car retail price starting from $16.38 to $33.64 per spark plug. In fact we charged you 10% bellow suggested retail. Sorry but your one star review is not justified.

Jon S.
Peachtree City, GA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Overcharge for parts
Charged appx 200$ for a new starter. Pulled starter myself a month later for an unrelated repair. Napa part number 44-9628. Cost? About $65. Theo also has a bit of an attitude when you ask him about his pricing...
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 05/01/2015

Mr. John,
I am sure you can also go to Kroger’s and buy a filet minion for $8.00-$12.00 depending on the cut, but that is not the price you would have to pay eating it at restaurant.
Our prices are reasonable and in line, we also gave an estimate before we did this work and you had the option to opt out.
Our work also carries a Nationwide Warranty for repairs for 2 years or 24.000 miles
You should be proud of your self being a handy man, and hopefully this starter is going to last and not get you stuck somewhere with nowhere to go.

PS: There is nothing wrong with my attitude; we have 97% positives reviews from all of our customers, so we must be doing something right (We are aware we can’t please everybody)

Have a nice day, THEO

James I.
Peachtree City, GA
Volkswagen Passat
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
02/16/2015 Category: Service
James said he was not satisfied with his overall experience because it took six weeks to get his vehicle back and it cost $2,800 to fix. The check engine light is now on and they gave him the run around. They broke some stuff and he is not certain about the extent of the damage. Scotty was apologetic, but Theo was not pleasant or helpful. He interrupted him and gave him the run around. As a result of this experience, and over the issues mentioned, he will not recommend this business for service.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 02/24/2015

Mr. James,
I am 68 years old and still follow my deceased parents advice, to be honest, fair and to do always the best I can. In your case and all of my customers I follow the same rules and that is why we have 97% + positive reviews on our results.

I am aware no matter what we do we will never reach the 100% that we desire, Christ was a saint man but he was crucified anyway.

I am sorry we did not meet your expectations and you are not part of the 97% happy and satisfied customers.

Thank you,


Peachtree City, GA
Mercedes-Benz E320
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
High Priced estimate, etc.
Received estimate of 2400+ dollars. 800 + to fix leak around timing cover, etc. Second opinion resulted in fix for less than half that amount for exact same repair.

Second shop reported poor quality repair previously done (apparently - according to history given us by Theo's) at Theo's in 2012.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 01/29/2015

Mr. Tom,
You negative review does not even deserve a response, but I am going to write one any way. You brought to my shop a 20 year old car with 245.000 miles. We charged you $50 for our inspection report which took us over 1 hour to complete. Your claim that someone fixed all the problems in your car for $800 is absurd. That is by replacing valve cover gaskets, front timing cover gaskets and seals, leaking water pump, thermostat and bypass hoses. You claim that someone else fixed the "exact same repair" for $800 in beyond absurb

Tyrone, GA
Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I feel they nickel and dime you which leaves a bad taste
This is twice now that I feel they have nickel and dimed me. For example last time we need to get a new line put on the transmission. I see where my son had left the ignition on killing the battery. We paid a few hundred for the cable and labor. But then they charged us 40-50 dollars to charge the battery. Really after I spent all that money. This time we spend 500 on a coil and tune up etc ... They there was a 50 dollar charge to check why the check engine light was on I could see that if we didn't get the repairs done. But we had it repaired so you charge us 50 dollars for that really. Not good.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 12/20/2014

Mr. Tim
In response to your one star review I do not believe we did anything wrong or we overcharged you in any way.
On your issue with your check engine light is, the nominal charge for run diagnostics and verify what indeed the problem is between $75.00 to $109.00, I charged you half of that $50.00
On the other occasion your complain about charging you $19.80 for replacing your battery again the nominal fee should be from $40.00 up to $100.00 depending on vehicle make etc.
As you can see on both occasions I really charged you half the price I should have. Your review that as you call it “WE NICKEL AND DIMED" you: is not fair.

Thank you, Theo

Peachtree City, GA
Land Rover Discovery
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
corrective measures promptly taken
Theos is excellent in promptly taking steps to correct or complete repair. I have relied on their expertise for many years, and it is the only repair facility in this town that I trust when I have a car problem that is unusual or complicated. If additional symptoms arise after a repair, I can be assured that they will go over and above the regular course of business to make sure it is corrected.

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
repair not fix it
The radiator on my 2003 Land Rover Discoverer was leaking. You replace clamp and I paid $112. Next day, radiator still leaking! I'm afraid you missed the boat on this one!
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 06/23/2014

It's not by chance we have 98% positive reviews on our work. It is because we employee dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable and honest individuals. You brought in your 2003 Land Rover for a coolant leak and we pressure tested the cooling system (system pressure) and we discovered a leak on one of the coolant hoses behind the throttle body was leaking.
We repaired the leak, and verified it again by pressure testing the system that we had no more leaks. You, as a gentleman, should have either called me or brought your car back for us to verify the source of this new leak, that of course would have been free of charge. Instead, you choose to post this one star negative review.
There will always be 2% of customers that no mater what we do, there will always be something to complain or be unhappy about it, and it'sunfortunate you didn't allow us the opportunity to not be that 2%. Please come back to our garage with the credit card you used and we will issue you a full refund for the $112.00 you paid, and wish you the best in finding someone else for your future automotive needs.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 07/14/2014

Mr. Mark
Thank you for your kind review it is greatly appreciated.

Peachtree City, GA
Mercedes-Benz E320
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
WAY overpriced!
Explained I need a head gasket for an oil leak. Was charged $1200 to "fix" leak with seal replacement. Leak is worse than before!
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 02/24/2014

Mr. Michael,
We fixed your 19 year old car with 216.000 miles about 6 months ago. Your car was leaking oil and coolant all over. We steamed cleaned your engine to determine where the source of the leaks was and at that time 9o% of them were coming from the valve cover gasket the front timing chain seal and gaskets, also you gad coolant leaks from the radiator.
What we fixed where most serius and obvious leaks and also verified after that there were fixed.
Now 6 moths later you write this negative review. You must rearize an old car like yours and so many miles it has multiple places that you could have other oil leaks.
If you want to make this car leak free you would need to spend more money that your car is worth.
Leaks we fixed you have two year or 24 mile warranty.
Thanks, Theo

Fayetteville, GA
Lexus RX 300
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
charged $150.00 and not fixed
Service light and running rough. Theo's ran some diagnostics. They told me it cleared its self up. Charged $150.00 and nothing was done to fix the car but was told to bring it back if I had a problem.
I did not get a mile down the road and it was running rough and light was back on.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 02/11/2014





Zechariah M.
Peachtree City, GA
Saturn Ion 2
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
08/17/2013 Category: Service
Zechariah said the business took several weeks to repair his vehicle. The business would continually offer excuses as to why the work was not done. The business replaced his fuel pump and in the process broke his ignition. There was no offer by the business to fix his ignition system for free. The business did not fix his window as asked. He would not recommend this business due to the reasons mentioned.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 08/20/2013

Mr. Zechariah,

I am sorry to read your negative review but please do not twist the following facts.

Yes your car was here couple of weeks because you told us that you were not hurry for it and also you wanted to spend as little money as possible.

We replaced your fuel pump and also tried to repair your in-op window without spending extra money by replacing the window regulator. When your car was moved outside the window was operational.

When you came to pick up your car the car the same window failed to operate, we gave you however full credit for the window repair and charge you this time for the replacement of the window regulator ( that we should have replaced the first time).

Your ignition lock we did not break it, it did break while we turn the ignition key to work on your vehicle. We called the locksmith to have it repaired without replacing the whole lock assembly (again to save you money)

By the way this lock on your vehicle there are notorious of breaking and that is why there is an update for the fix. We gave you a special deal for the work (plus a 10% discount on our labor) and saved you money and we are not going to assume responsibility for something we have not caused.


BMW 550i
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Terrible communication
I brought the car on Friday morning for oil change and to find out why the 'check engine' light was on? By Saturday I did not hear from anyone so I called to see when I could pick up my car and at 2:30 you were already closed for the weekend. So for a simple oil change and diagnostic, my car was locked up at your shop from Friday morning until monday afternoon. Thats ridiculous.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 04/25/2013
Mr. Scott, You are right, we dropped the ball by not letting you know Friday what the issue was with your car. It was a miss communication in our part. Friday was one of these days for us and I am sorry we disappointed you. This is not a thing that happens too often. I thank you for your review, we will take corrective actions so it would not happen in the future. Theo

Melanee R.
Sharpsburg, GA
Saturn Vue
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
09/26/2012 Category: Service
Spoke with Melanee's husband. He said his wife was having problems starting her vehicle so she took it to Auto Zone and they told her the battery was good. The vehicle wouldn't start the next day so she took it to another Auto Zone and they also did a test and told her the battery was good. It happened again so she brought to this place of business and they put in a new battery and charged her $225. So after what she was charged they will not be back that is way too much for a battery.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 09/28/2012
This is a reply to Melanee husband, Sir, as you stated, your wife was running from store to store and still had issues with dead battery. I checked your wife’s car to make sure the electrical system was charging, I checked for electrical shorts, I checked for starter current draw and load tested the battery. After these inspections, I then replaced the battery once I was assured that everything else was OK. Your claim of charging too much for a battery is unjustified, as I charged a fair and competitive price for what I did and sold. Had your wife gone to a another garage I can almost assure you she would have been charged more. Sincerely, Theo PS: Did you wife also told you that I stayed open after closing hours to accommodate her?

Paulette S.
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
05/10/2012 Category: Service
Paulette said this was the worst service experience she has ever had. She has brought her vehicle back to the business three times to have them repair an issue and it is still not fixed correctly. When her vehicle is running it smells like oil is burning and it comes inside the vehicle from the vents.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 05/29/2012
Miss, Paulette I am sorry to read this bad review but it would be nice also to state the facts. Which are that your secondary valve cover was also fixed and your oil filler cap was replaced at no additional cost to you. The fist time we replaced exactly what you requested based on another shop recommendation valve cover gasket replacement. Your engine was covered in motor oil around the valve covers however you had additional leaks (from other sources) which they were fixed at no cost to you. You were also told that for the next few days you would have some smell until the oil from the previous leaks is burned off around the hot exhaust manifolds. Your review however is appreciated, we always try to do the best for our customers and do better the next time. Thank you, Theo

Billy P.
Peachtree City, GA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
03/13/2012 Category: Service
Billy said the prices were bad and he was able to get some of the work done elsewhere for much less. What Theo told him was wrong with the vehicle wasn't an issue, but he chose not to elaborate. He plans to call Theo tomorrow to speak with him and he may call the local television station.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Theo K. from Theo's Automotive responded on 03/28/2012
Mr. Posey, As a successful and reputable business that is the reason we called you to get a review from you, because we care what our customers have to say about us good or bad. We have multiple 5 star reviews and of course when we get a bad one from anyone of our customers we very much like to know about it. After investigating and your invoice I fail to see what we did wrong? We changed your oil and give you some recommendations for items that they need to be taken care of. You complain is unfounded because we fix nothing for you, you complaint states that someone else did it for less, and also we told you something that really wasn’t the issue. Regrettable we don’t have a crystal ball to look and tell what the issue is on a particular vehicle without having to tear down parts to do proper diagnostics. That of course it cost money which you were not willing to spend. If someone does it cheaper, yes… but keep in mind you get what you paid for. Theo