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Captain Cook, HI
Honda Civic
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Super expensive
I felt $850 was a bit steep for replacing the radiator on a 03 honda civic.
Teri from AutoTech responded on 06/25/2019

I spoke to the customer about this repair.  The repair was for diagnosis time of overheating which included a system pressure test and head gasket test. Vehicle passed the head test and we determined it had a bad radiator cap sealing surface.  Vehicle had been overheated causing damage to the thermostat.  Vehicle had a high level of water in it and not enough coolant.  We had to flush the sytem, replace the thermostat and the radiator.  The $850 repair bill was for the diagnosis time and all mentioned repairs, fluids, tax and hazmat fees. The customer appreciated the phone call and explanation and has a better understanding that this bill was for more than a the radiator.  Greg Cox, Owner

Captain Cook, HI
Ford Pickup
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1984 Ford farm flatbed
Very pleased with the quick one day service for safety check and getting my rear lights working .
However , the very next day , the turn signals were intermittent operating again ( of & on )
and one of the brake light in the back was out completely .
So it needs to come back in .

Perhaps a brake inspection is also in order . I rarely drive it and corrosion might be a factor

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