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Dave and Patricia E.
Cedar Springs, MI
Chevrolet Equinox
Verified Customer
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Not happy
Problem wasn't fixed; had to take vehicle elsewhere.
Greg & Jack H. from Hoffman's Garage LLC responded on 07/29/2015

I would like to start out by saying Dave and Pat have been long time very good customers . I do understand their frustration with this problem on this vehicle .
  This car has not been very kind to them but they have always had it fixed with what ever it took to do the properly needed repairs . They have owned the car since 2007 with 40,000 miles ,it now has about 140,000 miles on it. 
   Some of the repairs have been blown head gaskets, brakes several times, struts ,suspension items, a rear wheel bearing ,the rear drive shaft center support bearing, ac and tune up items and more .
  This last problem started January  2015 , The customer stated they were hearing a squealing noise while driving but it was intermittent. The service engine light was on and the muffler was leaking. We replace the muffler, Found and repaired and broken wire going to the EVAP vent solenoid . We test drove the car several times with 3 different techs , no one could get it to make the squealing noise . We raised it up and inspected for any thing that might be making the noise but nothing was found. We did not charge them anything for the time spent test driving or looking for the squealing noise that time.
 It came back in June of 2015 with the customer complaint of the squealing noise coming from the rear . Again we test drove the car several more times with the chassis ears hooked to different areas under the car . I even had one of my techs riding in the rear hatch area while I drove the car. Once in a while we were able to make it squeal ,so we removed the rear brake drums and inspected the brakes , nothing was found . The left rear wheel bearing was a little bit noisy so we replaced it. We washed and lubed under the plastic shields for the axle seals and the pinion seals .
  At that time we gave them about 4 more hours of our shop time at no charge.  At that time we told them the right rear coil spring was broken and the front control arm bushings were getting stretched out. We even removed the rear drive shaft so they could drive it around with out the drive shaft to eliminate the possibility of that causing a issue. 
 They took it home and stated it was squealing  worse than ever.
Again they brought back .We again tested for the noise with our chassis ears in several different spots around the rear brakes and drive train. For sure nothing was coming from the brakes or wheel bearings .This time we were able to hear the squealing noise mostly coming from the rear center of the differential . ( by the way the fluid was full and already been replaced with the proper GM fluid) .
  We determined the noise was for sure coming from inside the rear differential . I found a real nice used one with low miles and gave Dave a price on replacing it. They did not want it fixed, we put the drive shaft back in it , they took the car the way it was.    When I saw the bad review I called Pat to see what they did to fix the car because it stated they had it fixed else where.  She told me they took it some where else and that place thought the noise was coming from something else but not for sure. They did not get the car fixed and sold the car.
 I know we are supposed be be able to fix the car right the first time . 99.9% of time we are able to do just that .Most of our repairs are done the same day unless it is a major repair, then it is done as quickly as possible.
 When we we have a stubborn intermittent problem we rarely ever give up as long as the customer can have patience with the process.
  We are a long time established shop with the latest in equipment. We are also very generous by not charging for all of the time spent on these types of issues . I know I gave away at least 10 hours on this car.
 I do have respect for Pat and Dave and I am truly sorry I was not able to serve them and get their car fixed without causing them all of the inconvenience and frustration.
                                                   Jack H 
                                                 Owner Hoffman's Garage

Chris and Leslie H.
Grant, MI
Toyota Corolla
Verified Customer
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$80 to diagnose an error code? Really? And another $200 for repair..... i had it done done elsewhere for $140
Greg & Jack H. from Hoffman's Garage LLC responded on 07/22/2015

 We  are truly sorry you are unhappy with our service . Looking back at our records I found that we did properly diagnose the trouble code for the oxygen sensor,which included testing the circuits and the oxygen sensor that failed. We did not just plug into it with a scanner and pull a trouble code . 
   There is a misconception about diagnostic charges . A lot of people think you just plug the car into a scanner and it tells you every thing wrong and what part that needs to be replaced .    There are several major named part stores that will scan your car and pull a trouble code for free. This is not diagnostics , many times you can replace the part that they tell you it needs only to find the part was not the actual problem but something else connected to that particular system on the car is causing the problem .
   We have the latest in scanners and other diagnostic equipment that ia needed to properly diagnose a vehicle. Our technicians are always being trained and schooled on the latest information required to properly repair todays vehicles. This all come with a great deal of expence to our shop but we feel it is necessary and worth it. 
   Our reputation has been built on a high quality of service and expertice , we strive to give our customers a good price ,great quality and service . We never strived to be the cheapest shop around . We always used high quality parts and back it up with a good warranty .
   In your case you decided to take your car and actually have the repair done at another shop . It is kind of like looking for the cheepest Doctor or Dentist or any thing else . Sometimes the cheapest doesn't turn out to be the cheapest in the long run.
                         We do wish you the best

                           Jack Hoffman
                           owner of Hoffman's Garage