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Tad B.
Huntington Beach, CA
Verified Customer
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12/30/2014 Category: Service
poor follow-up
Service advisor and service manager poor customer service. No update call on my vehicle in service. Car wasn't fixed properly and had to bring it back twice and they lost my keys? Take your Acura to Norm Reeves Acura in Mission Viejo, they care unlike South Coast Acura. Poorly managed dealership.
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 12/31/2014

Mr Buchoz,

I was present when my advisor made calls to update you on your vehicle progress while it was at the body shop for paint repair. I was alos present when he had explained to you that there was a delay beyond our control and they would have to start over by stripping the vehicles paint entirely. you were followed up with on several occasions including many in which you did not anser calls. About the lost key, I cannot confirm nor deny that occured but in good faith I did get the key replaced. The repairs were for paint and we do not offer a paint shop in house and these repairs must be sent out to a body shop to be handled. Your vehicle was out of warranty but again in good faith we took care of half the bill.


Paul Mendoza
Service Manager

Tuan H.
Santa Ana, CA
Verified Customer
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12/16/2014 Category: Service
very poor customer service this time. It does not looks like the place is that busy, but I got an impression that the service advisers are overloaded
I brough mu MDX in several times for routine mainternance, and I have not been that impressed about the coordination between the mechanics on the floor and the service advisers. The last time I brough my MDX in for the Line Header replacement, my car was was over one day later despite my repeat calls to make it clear to the service adviser that I need the car back as soon as possible. The excuses I were given that the service was more involved than he initially thought, and the worst one I was given was my car was not the only one they were working on (That is why we need appointmnet, right?)
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 12/16/2014

Kind Sir,

After viewing your service department visit, I see that the repair was a very large job in that the headliner was replaced. These types of repairs are very time consuming. I dont know what type of time estimate was given, but it should have been about 4-5 days to compensate for the unexpected when removing so much of the vehicles interior to perform this type of repair. We are working to train our associates to contact our clientele multiple times a day to be sure you all are kept up to date with the progress of your vehicles. There is no excuse for not keeping in touch with you during the process, but please be assured we are working to correct that immediately. We have added another member to our repair team to make the turn around time for our vehicles much more managable for our clients. Thank you for your understanding and if there is anything I can do personally to help your visit be top notch as we are working to improve, please let me know.

Thank you,

Paul Mendoza
Service Manager

Raymond S.
Newport Beach, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
12/09/2014 Category: Service
it's ok
you have a good business and good people working for you however my last experience was not so good, the air bag recall, I come in to pick it up and only one was done and I was told that I had to come back for the other, andthat you would call me but no call now for two weeks. also your regularly priced maintenance is waay over priced sometimes if you have a special you are competetive but most of the time not. And in this economy affordability is crucial.
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 12/09/2014


It is unfortunate that one the recalled parts were out of stock by the manufacturer and is way beyond our control. That part for the recall is expected to be released sometime this week to fill our many orders for it. Being out of our control I would ask that you reconsider the failing grade we as a staff have recieved for a back order part out of our control. As far as our prices, we are the best priced Acura dealership in the area. We meet or beat our competitors prices which 9.5 out of 10 times are much higher than ours. We are competitive without our specials, and with them, well why would you go anywhere else? We offer fo much for so little. You get a larger value for less than what you would spend somewhere else. Again please reconsider our failing grade and be aware that our orders will be filling soon and a call for your appointment is coming.
Thank you

Paul Mendoza
Service Manager
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 12/12/2014


Our departmenthas tried calling you at the phone number on file. Your part is now in stock and ready to install. Please contact our appointment desk at (714)979-2500 to schedule an apointment to have the vehicle updated.

Thank you,

Paul Mendoza
Service Manager

Kenny T.
Westminster, CA
Verified Customer
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11/13/2014 Category: Service
The car problem was not fixed!
After spending 4hrs at the dealership, my car problem came back as before I took it in.
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 11/13/2014

Mr. Tran, 
If you are having a problem with your vehicle I would ask that we set up an appointment to recheck the vehicle.  Especially since the issue was fixed as you stated it "came back." A chance to correct the issue a make another customer happy is all we ask. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Paul Mendoza
Service Manager

Kathryn B.
Verified Customer
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11/05/2014 Category: Service
Very disappointed
My last vist to Acura was extremely disappointing to say the least.
I have been a loyal customer for years. So much that my last two cars were Acura and I always went to the dealership on harbor to get my service. After my last experience i will NEVER go there again. I am not sure what has changed internally since the I was there 3,000 miles ago but whatever it is, it isn't working.
To make this review short I will just point out the reasons why I will never go back.
1. When I showed up by myself with my 10 month old son, I wast even offered any help when needed to unload a billion things from my car to the loner car. For those of you without kids, it is extremely difficult to move a carseat and install it into another car while you are holding your baby! Not to mention i couldn't let him walk around since there were cars driving in and out of the service department directly next to my car.
2. I rec a phone call that my car was done and of course in true service fashion more things were needed to done to my car soon so i should be aware. So i replied " noted, but my lease is up soon so i am not interested right now as i will be turning my lease into the dealership in the next 2 months. The sales guy said no problem i understand.
3. Though my service was completed in a great time frame when arrived i was still offered no help to move all that i moved out back into my just serviced car all while i am still trying to hold my child. Arn't car deanships filled with men? and not one offered to help???
4. When I went to pay for my bill my invoice said $85.00. I asked the sales guy why it was not the $60 i was quoted. He said that he did a full A2 service and that was $85.00. I said that that is not what i made the appointment for. So he told me that it was better for me because it would rain soon and I will feel better that I had the A2 service. Again, Not the service i requested and oh wait... didn't i mention before that i was turning in my car to the dealer in 2 months and didn't need an extras?
I understand it wasn't much more money than i had intended but it was the fact that he didn't offer to correct it, instead he tried to convince me it was what i needed.
Since my child was tired and i was exhausted from moving everything twice from car to car. I got into my car and left as i didn't have the time to argue with the sales guy.
5. Then i was called to see how my experience was and i explained to the customer service lady how disappointed i was and she apologized and said her manager would be fining me a call. Well, i dint get a call unitl several days later. When he called i could talk because i was at work so i called and left a message on my break asking for a return phone call. But SHOCKER... never received a call back. So my issue is still left unsolved.

Last but not least, this experience happened on a sat. That sunday i went into the dealership to look at new acuras so i could turn in my lease. As i was getting my son out of my car the sales guy pulled into the spot i was standing in with no hesitation and almost hit my son and i. Never apologized and rudely walked away only to greet us as though nothing happened at all! Then i had such a bad experience with him trying to get me info on my lease that my family and i left. Later that day I drove home a new TOYOTA!
Sorry Acura, The dealer on Harbor is giving you a bad name.

Good luck and i hope you get this worked out.

Warner K.
Temple City, CA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
10/14/2014 Category: Sales
This dealership is a scam
I purchased a 2011 Acura MDX CPO (Certified Pre-Owned vehicle) from South Coast Acura on July 13th 2014, which had multiple issues from day one. Tasha Taylor set me up with an appointment on 7/19 for me to return to receive service for the following issues.
1. Engine had blue smokes coming out after my test drive.*
2. Alignment (vehicle was pulling to the right and must steer to the left to go straight)
3. Driver 2 spare key*
* indicates that the issues were resolved after 1st service visits.

I took the vehicle back after a day of waiting, then I started noticing more issues shown below, so I took the vehicle to a local dealership (Sierra Acura Alhambra) which is near by me for service. They did not want to do anything for me because of the non-factory alarm installation from South Coast Acura which void the warranty. Therefore I had to make another appointment with South Coast Acura for another service visit for the following issues.

1. Alignment still wasn’t resolved from previous visit.
2. Non-working alarm installed by the dealership for the previous lessee was removed because it was causing other issues below.
3. Driver courtesy light doesn’t lit.
4. Cruise control issues – vehicle’s actual speed is faster than the set speed by user.
5. Transmission shifting issues, vehicle doesn’t shift properly from 1st to 2nd gear.
6. I provided Technical Service Bulletins to Jeremy but he had indicated that there were no such thing existed.

The 2nd service visit with South Coast Acura had improved the alignment issue, and resolved driver courtesy light, but did not resolve cruise control and transmission issues.

Issues such as alignment should not happen with a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) at all, gear shifting, cruise control issue, blue smoke coming out of engine room, the fuse box came off which was partially melted with a bad plastic smell when retrieved. The sales Kyle and Tasha emphasized that the vehicle is a CPO that is highly trustable and creditable which indicated to me that it should be problem free, and they assured me that they will take care of these issues for me after my purchase, but they did not. I deeply believe that this dealership is about scamming customer’s hard-earned money. They are only and definitely prompt at responding via email and good at doing it (eg: Nigerian scammers) prior to your purchase, but if it's about "customer service" and "warranty coverage" then they will never respond to you in the hope that the consumer simply "gives up".

I am very frustrated with Acura brand and irritated by the incompetency of the dealership. I felt that I should just sue this dealership for all of the issues, time and financial losses, and emotional stress that I’ve been through caused by this dealership. People are paying money to buy a vehicle to enjoy, but not paying to get pissed off.

07/13 – Vehicle was purchased.
07/19 – 1st service visit (South Coast Acura, Costa Mesa).
08/09 – 2nd service visit (Sierra Acura, Alhambra), unresolved, paid $130.
08/11 – Informed Jeremy that I am bring back the vehicle for the 3rd service visit.
08/16 – 3rd service visit (South Coast Acura, Costa Mesa).
08/19 – Tasha Taylor has left South Coast Acura.
08/26 – Informed Jeremy & Kait about issues not fixed, no response.
08/28 – South Coast Acura sent me a check in the amount of $197 for fees refund, which is short of $69. I was charged $220 for Registration/Transfer/Titling Fees, $20 for State Emissions Certification Fee, and $26 for electronic vehicle registration or transfer charge.
10/10 – Took the vehicle to a private mechanic which allowed the vehicle to go straight via compensation since one of the cambers is damaged/bent due to accident from the past. Paid $60.
10/14 – Have not received the CA license plate and registration as of this day.
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 10/17/2014

In separate visits at two different dealers, no "blue smoke" was  found nor was an issue duplicated. Alignment was performed before purchase and twice by us after you recieved vehicle at no charge to you. I personally drove the vehicle and found no pulling in either direction. During that test drive I also found no issue with the shifting of the transmission nor any issue with the cruise control operation as there is a slight difference in the digital display and analog display(normal for any product in any line, not just automotive). I apologized to you for the inconviniece of a local dealer not being able to help you out, and removed the aftermarket alarm as well as made repairs to your vehicle all while you drove a brand new loaner vehicle and we adapted your tight schedule. Your registration fees paid to DMV had a balance that was unused for registration. That money has been refunded to you and you have stated that you received the check. To that same address that you received the refund check is the same address your registration has gone to. It may take up to 90 days to receive registration upon purchasing a vehicle. Otherwise your local DMV can assist you in obtaining a replacement registration. As for the license plates, they are behind the paper plates on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Thanh L.
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
09/30/2014 Category: Service
Misleading quotes
I was initially given a quote of the estimated costs for replacing a faulty valve and breaks, quote of $400. The person asked if it was alright and I was already hesitating, saying it's more costly than anticipated and I asked for more discounts. He said he would see what he could do. When I picked up my car, I was told the total costs was $900, I said I was only estimated $400 and he said that was only the parts, not the labor. How in the world does someone provide a quote for only the parts and not the labor. This was absolutely misleading and I cannot trust South Coast Acura for not providing all of the information. I have been a customer since the day I bought the car and doing all of my maintenance there. This incident made me lose my trust in you. False advertisement.
Paul M. from South Coast Acura responded on 10/17/2014

We as a staff have met and corrected a mistake that was made when providing you the estimate for your repair. As a true and honest mistake that will not happen again, and being that you have accepted my apologies in accepting my offer to provide additional recommended services at no additional cost to you. I humbly ask you to review your posting of our dealership as it would be much appreciated. Providing you and all of our clients top notch service is our goal.

Thank you

Dane B.
Long Beach, CA
Verified Customer
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09/12/2014 Category: Sales
Lies and run arounds.
When i purchased my car it didnt have a radio. I was told a new radio had been ordered and i should bring the car back in two working days to get the new radio installed. After calling for a week and bringing the car in only to be told id have to wait hours just to get my car into the mechanic and booking a 7:30am appointment nearly a week and a half after the purchase of the car i finalyy got a radio put in the car. But it wasnt a new one. It was the old faulty radio that was originally taken out of the car.

Zachary C.
Houston, TX
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
08/20/2014 Category: Service
Good place, not great
I purchased a vehicle out of state. They very very understanding and helpful with the process at first with by letting an inspector look over the vehicle since I'm out of state and could not see it in person. However, once my money was received things changed. I was told that my vehicle would be delivered on a Saturday, my vehicle did not arrive until the next Monday and nobody could get in touch with the driver delivering my vehicle. I was told that I would receive money back from them and have not gotten a penny. I was also told that my title would be overnighted once they had my money. It took over a month for me to get my title after purchase and delivery. I had to pay a late fee in taxes and registration due to the lack of timeliness on the dealership. Chad was helpful however once he knew about the problem. The people there were good to work with at first, but once money was received could not get in touch with anybody until I had to start raising my voice with people on voicemail and reception. If you live in California it would probably be a good place to purchase a vehicle, but if you are out of state make sure you ask as many questions as possible before committing.

Sophie N.
Westminster, CA
Verified Customer
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08/06/2014 Category: Service
Service department was not good
Waited too long for my car. It took almost 4 hours waiting in the lobby. The service rep said it would only be a little over 2 hours. Waiting area is too small and the kids area was too loud.
Honda's customer service was much better.

Nicole O.
Newport Beach, CA
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08/01/2014 Category: Service
Service Appointment
Came in to have my car checked out this week and was very disapointed with the customer service. Service Rep was not helpful and fairly rude. Will be taking my Acura to another dealership for service in the future.

Ruben L.
Santa Ana, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
07/27/2014 Category: Service
Just took The car for an oil change and They Washed the car but left grease stains inside, plus took my cleaning towel.... My car interior is ivory I can see those stains clearly.

Jeffrey K.
Santa Ana, CA
Verified Customer
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07/14/2014 Category: Service
bad service
Never take my car to south coast again. Received bad service overall. Service consultant was unfriendly and rude. Came in for battery service and was told fix. A week later problem was still there and was told to pay additional money to fix the first problem.

Vinh N.
Garden Grove, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
06/07/2014 Category: Service
Acura Tl in service
Very bad service , the consultant guy shown very poor attitude to customer.

Eliz N.
Orange, CA
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
06/02/2014 Category: Sales
just be careful
Before we bought the MDX Technology 2014 from this dealer, we had been to many dealers and looked at the same car. We know that all the one we looked at came with Michelin tires. We decided to buy the MDX from SouthCoast Acura because the price was reasonable. When we came to purchase the car we checked over everything but we overlooked the tires until the next day. The car that was sold to us came with a set of Continental tires and not Michelin. We mentioned it to the floor sales representative and of course the answer was there is not much he can do. Again, I understand this was our fault for overlooking this but just be careful. They might have advertised that they will beat any other dealers price but at the end they still get your money in a different way.

Timothy J.
Ladera Ranch, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
05/25/2014 Category: Service
Nice staff, poor follow through
I purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle expecting that everything would be ready on the vehicle when I purchased it. The vehicle did not go through an inspection or detail prior to me picking it up. Then it turns out that I need to come to the dealership twice to fix the same problem, which would have been caught if the car was inspected. After not having my new car for almost a week total, I pick it up and it wasn't washed or vacuumed. Not very good attention to detail.

Kristin L.
Irvine, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
05/13/2014 Category: Service
Customer Service from the SERVICE DEPARTMENT
Paul Mendoza is a great asset to your team. He is always very courteous and helpful. He is the only reason I get my car serviced at South Coast Acura. If he wasn't there, I would find another Acura dealership closer to my house because I am uncomfortable with the sales team there.

Diana C.
Santa Ana, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
05/10/2014 Category: Service
Service dept
On my last visit it took well over an hour more of the time I was told it was going to take. 21/2 hrs for an oil change.. And even when I was told that's car was ready and was being brought over , it still took them 20 min to bring it over. This was not a good experience. I was very disappointed.

Amy P.
Costa Mesa, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
04/28/2014 Category: Service
DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE FOR SERVICE! People are rude and do not care about you except for your money and how much of it they can take. You will always leave with another problem with your car

Michael F.
Fountain Valley, CA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
04/01/2014 Category: Service
good service but too expensive
I like the service they provide, but they're too expensive.

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