Business Solutions

Partner Program

SureCritic's partner program is designed to allow 3rd Party partners rapid deployment of the SureCritic suite of products. With more than 25 APIs our platform allows for quick and seemless integrations with your current system and flow of client communication. Our Partner Admin provides our 3rd Party partners with operational control of the individual business review sites as well as end client content management and set up authority giving you the flexibility to manage your network from an operational perspective, pass that activity down to the end client, or a combination thereof.

At SureCritic, we are committed to ensuring the best possible experience with our 3rd Party partners, their clients, and the end users who rely on SureCritic as a trusted source of validated customer reviews.

If you are interested in 3rd Party partner opportunities with SureCritic, please send our business development team an email at for more information.