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Steve R. on 08/29/2017
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"Rip off"
I took my truck in to see about replacing tie rods and a noise in the front end. They said they'd replace the inner tie rods and wheel bearings for $1000. That's not a typo. I knew ahead of time that tie rods are less than $50 each for the parts. Bearings aren't much more if at all more than that. I picked up the truck and had my inner and outer tie rods replaced, break pads replaced, bearings adjusted and greased and front end end aligned for just over HALF of what aero wanted to charge for less work. Never go back.
Service Date: 08/28/2017
Review Created: 08/29/2017 03:17 PM
Teresa R. on 02/20/2016
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Theresa said she took her vehicle to this business because her check engine light was on so they diagnosed the problem and went ahead with the repairs. Her check engine light is back on now so they did not fix what was supposed to be done and the woman she spoke with at the front desk was not friendly or helpful.
Vehicle: Mazda 3
Category: Service
Service Date: 02/10/2016
Review Created: 02/20/2016
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Scott H. at Aero Automotive responded on 02/23/2016

On 2/10 we installed an EVAP valve and performed a drive cycle of 67 miles to confirm that the vehicle's computer recognized the repair. If the valve we installed failed, it is under a 2 year/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty which can be performed by any NAPA AutoCare Center.  As there can be 1,000 possible causes for the check engine light to come on, the current light could be for a completly different reason.  We are sorry that Teresa R. is unhappy, but we have not heard from her.  

Marlen J. on 11/08/2013
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Marlen said they told him they fixed a hose, but it is not fixed. He would not recommend them to others because the vehicle is not fixed.
Vehicle: Nissan 300ZX
Category: Service
Service Date: 10/24/2013
Review Created: 11/08/2013
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Scott H. at Aero Automotive responded on 11/11/2013

Mr. Jeffries  1990 300ZX had an original crossover hose leaking that is located at the back of the engine.  To replace the  bad hose, two heater hoses, also original, had to be removed.  We recommended replacement of these hoses and Mr. Jeffries agreed.  Unfortunately, 1 hose was not available until the following Tuesday and Mr. Jefries could not wait as he was moving to South Carolina.   After repair we pressure tested the system, test drove the vehicle and ran thermostat/fan operations tests.  NO LEAKS.  Mr. Jefferies was encouraged by the owner to have the heater hose replaced as soon as possible.  Mr. Jefferies has called about his continuing leak.  He has been encouraged to go to any NAPA AutoCare Center to have it checked.  Friday  11/8/13 he called and made an appointment to bring the car in for a followup.  He never arrived.  The leak may be a failure of the remaining original  heater hose and not our repair.  Unfortunnately, we don't know as Mr. Jefferies continues to drive his car and not have it checked.

Robyn L. on 02/28/2013
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"$5,500.00 in the hole and having the same problems."
I am not writing this review out of haste to blow off steam, I am writing this two weeks after I last took my car to them to get checked now since that's out of they way lets get to the review...
Why did I pay them $5000.00 to get my engine replaced and I am still having pretty much the same problems as I did before they replaced my engine? Every time I take it back to get it checked, they say something else is wrong (i.e. electrical, sensors, etc..) which cost me more money. They put a rebuilt engine in my car and the last time I took it in they said that my engine may need to be flushed to get the contaminants out in order to keep the lifters from sticking at an additional cost of $150.00. Keep in mind that I have only done one oil change since I got the car back from them, I don't drive it that much. In my opinion if I pay you $5000.00 to replace my engine, this should be part of the install? Not an after the fact additional cost, that is very bad business. You should take every step possible and go out of your way to make sure it is done right the first time. We was told that this engine would come with a one year warranty that would cover everything per Beverly, but according to Scott its covered only on the install very confusing and so far it hasn't covered anything yet according to them....I am currently $5500.00 in the hole and still having the same problems as I did before. They are good at confusing the customer because Scott will tell you one thing and Beverly will tell you something else. I am surprised because they we're highly recommended to me by a friend. I trusted them to replace the engine in my car and do it right the first time in. The very car I that I put my family, the people I love most into on a daily basis and they totally dropped the ball. I will not ever refer anybody to this place for anything nor will I be back because if something happens to the engine I am more than sure that it will not be covered by the warranty.
Vehicle: Infiniti I35
Service Date: 02/15/2013
Review Created: 02/28/2013 07:33 AM
Scott H. at Aero Automotive responded on 03/14/2013
Thank you for sharing the experience you and your husband, Johnny, have been having with Aero Automotive. To quickly recap, your car came in on 8/28/12 with a bad rod bearing in the engine. You authorized Aero to replace this engine with a used engine with a 13 month/13,000 mile warranty against mechanical failure. On 8/18/12 you returned with a failed oxygen senson which was replaced and you paid for the work. On 9/26/12 you returned with electronic issues. Understanding your frustration, we replaced, at no charge to you, crankshaft, camshaft and reference sensors, even through these parts were not supplied with the engine and not under warranty. Now, we can't stay in business if we don't charge for our work, but out of good will, we do desire to serve our customers in an extraordinay way. That is why we get so many referrals. Johnny returned 2/14/2013, saying the engine clicked at start up, pinged (gurgled) under acceleration, and started hard. Johnny also told us you were alternating between regular and premium gasoline. The check engine light was not on and no errors were stored in the engine computer. The car was driven 3 seperate times, one of those times with 2 technicians aboard and we started the car both warm and cold (overnight). We performed a live scan of the sensors and computer while running. We checked the engine for any mechanical failures. The symptom we verified was engine ping under light acceleration. To optimize performance we re-set all engine paraments in your computer prior to the last test drive. In total we spent 5 hours on your vehicle and only charged you for 1 hour. We were unable to find any mechanical or electronic problems that could cause these symptoms. Initially, Scott recommended using only mid-grade gasoline. Beverly looked up the type of gasoline and found that the manufacturer 'recommends' premium grade fuel. We believe the symptoms you have could be resolved by using mid-grade or premium gasoline. If the increased octane does not work, we suggesed an injector and induction service to clean out any carbon deposits that may have accumulated due to the use of regular gasoline. To sum up, we want to help you determine why your engine has this issue. We understand the frustration that you are feeling and we have tried to lessen the burden by incurring some of the cost in trying to find a solution. Be assured that the warranties for the motor and all new parts are in place and will be through September and October 2013 or to 132,218 miles.
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