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Review for All - Tech Auto Repair Inc.
Shaun G. on 10/03/2012
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"Job Quality and Customer Service"
I am always impressed with the customer service from All-Tech, and the work is always done well and quickly. Ive had a clutch assembly completely replaced in an 02 Neon, and my AC serviced and tie rods replaced in my 02 Caravan ES, which they sent out for alignment. I am told about everything up front, Dan and the guys don't try to make vague or confusing generalizations so they can needlessly replace expensive things without asking. Also, they don't turn me out in the cold if I don't agree to thousands of dollars in repairs. They help with a game plan by giving common sense options in a plan to keep the car running on a budget and eventually get everything fixed. If I need a diagnosis, they systematically and thoroughly check through the symptoms and problems with the right equipment. They are not afraid to refer me to someone trustworthy if they can't do it themselves, and pass along the discounts. When times are hard Dan has even let me divide my bill into 3 payments. I once had to have a car towed and the tow truck driver said he tows cars from Boise to All-Tech because someone there found out about All-Tech and now prefers Dan's shop's work also. They are trying to earn business the old-fashioned way, and it's good to know someone is still trustworthy. I only wish I knew about All-Tech 4 years ago when my trans quit shifting and Peterson Dodge took me for 5,700 in repairs on my van claiming that every computer module needed to be replaced along with the shifter and steering. They said it wouldn't be more than 3-4K but almost died when I saw the bill. I maxed their in-house 29% LOC at 5,500 and they still wouldn't even let me have it until every penny of the last 200 was paid in cash.
Vehicle: Dodge Grand Caravan
Service Date: 10/01/2012
Review Created: 10/03/2012 09:40 AM