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Dani M.
Altamonte Springs, FL
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Gave advice on something not knowledged about. Had i listened it would have cost me.
Online it says theyre open til 530. Thought id be fine to get there after work but no they really close at 5 which i found out later. Was penalized for missing work.
Not only that but i kept asking for transmission fluid as it says in my owners manual needed. The receptionist shouldnt give advice if shes not familar with cars. I said id just take my car to the dealer for the change. She insisted time and time again since i have a CVT transmission a fluid change wasnt humanly possible and my car just doesnt get fluid. At first i thought it was odd and felt like i was scammed out of 50. So went to my car looked at my owners manual again and its NEEDED for my CVT. Took it to the dealer and they were happy to get me fluid and my issues are no longer there. The lady was dumb, i should have insisted on a refund, but now i will never return. Waste of time and money.

Shane M.
Altamonte Springs, FL
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Suckers you in !
Mark , is a very good actor , He is just knowledgable enough to know what to say to customer , would make a great used car saleman ! , but his mechanics rig repairs ( charge new prices for used parts ) and does just what is needed to fix , He does NOT check any work done , have had my truck in multiple times for same problems and half ass work performed , after i finally got it to run ? The warranty was up , then had to take to a real mechanic to get it fixed properly , It nows runs good after i stopped taking it there. ! have heard he has hired different people, but same Mark !