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Clint E.
Rogers, MN
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Do not use this company
My water pump went out at work. This shop was close to my job that day. I have a warranty on my truck and when I called they offered me a loaner car and were nice on the phone. So I had it towed there.
They told me they would run a diagnostic on it in the morning and let me know what was wrong with it. When they called they told me it was my water pump and also my outer tie rods were bad. That it could use a new thermostat and that I had bad tires. I insisted that my warranty company would cover the cost of the diagnostic (which they did) even though he told me over and over that they would not.
They called my warranty company and they agreed to pay for the diagnostic, the tie rods and the water pump. But not for the antifreeze or the alignment that now had to be done for the tie rods. He called me back and told me my cost was $337. Which seemed high for alignment and antifreeze but what can I do? I asked him if I could bring my own antifreeze to reduce this cost but I was denied.
About 3:30 PM I get a call from them that while there mechanic was working on the water pump that he "bumped" my transmission lines and now it was broke off. Of coarse he offered to call my warranty company back and get this new cost covered. They were denied this new cost and after talking to my warranty company I was told that the transmission lines were not included on the original diagnostic of my truck, so they were denied.
I was then told that I needed new transmission lines and the cost would be over $800. When I asked why all the sudden my transmission lines were bad I was told that they were rusty and when they went to pull the fan shroud off that they broke. Which is a completely different story then when I was told the first time. They told me they could "repair" the lines instead of replacing them for an additional $90. I refused to pay that being they are the ones that broke them.
After calling a consumer protection lawyer i was instructed to have the work on my truck stopped. Before anymore damage or charges would come to be. They then offered to "repair" the lines for free. I was kinda stuck, I wanted my truck out of that shop asap. So I told them to go ahead and repair the lines and finish the job.
When I got there to pick up my truck and look at the "repair" I couldn't even believe my eyes. They had put a rubber hose onto my metal transmission lines. Zip tieing, them to my engine. YES ZIP TIED...... and that is there way of repairing the lines that they broke. Also when I looked at my bill for $337 I was charged $38 for shop material, $45 for hazardous waste, $43 for antifreeze and $30 misc charge. All of which my warranty company will not cover of coarse.
I am currently working with a lawyer about this matter and will post the final result later.
Bottom line is this. If you want to be completely blindsided by charges and have new charges pop up onto your repair go to Am/PM auto, they will take great care of that for you.

J and D E.
Saint Paul, MN
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