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Review for Auto Care East Inc
Elliot K. on 12/15/2012
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Spoke with Barbara. Barbara said she she found they had left a tire in her vehicle. They told her she needed to have all four tires replaced and even though they had charged her to dispose of all four tires, they did not do that. They had failed to mentioned to her they left a tire in the trunk of her vehicle because it was still good to used. However, she does not understand why they would charge her to dispose of all the tires and then leave one in her trunk. She also noticed the dashboard light comes on when she locks the vehicle and the alarm comes on when she does not have the seat belt fastened. The light that is suppose to stay on for 30 seconds after exiting the vehicle, do not work. They worked perfectly fine before she brought the vehicle in and it was not until she returned home she noticed they no longer worked. When she had noticed the tire in her vehicle she drove back to the business and gave it to them to properly dispose of. This issue seemed to be caused by a lack of communication between the staff and her. They should have had more information available about the tire in the trunk when she picked the vehicle up. She also has left a message at this business about the additional dashboard issues she is having and also informed them she would bring the vehicle back when she recuperates from surgery. She paid $3200 for repairs and they should have checked the vehicle to make sure everything was in working order. She was out of town during the time this business was performing repairs so they had the vehicle for three extra days sitting in a garage. She did not expect to pay that much for repairs only to take it home with additional problems. She is now skeptic of the people she is paying to have these repairs done. She would not recommend this business for all the above mentioned reasons. This business is always very nice, they performed all the work she needed but they did not check over the vehicle when they were finished. This business was also very accommodating.
Vehicle: Volvo S60
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/01/2012
Review Created: 12/15/2012
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.