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Review for Auto Care East Inc
AWN K. on 02/20/2012
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"Top notch on custom project."
These folks are very friendly, welcomin, professional and supportive. You can see from the cars there that they work on all types of vehicles, including what I saw were so high end (Bentley, Range Rovers). I came in not for a fix up, but customization on an already custom car. They not only put prepped, painted and completed all the new custom bodykit parts, but they went as far as redoing all the stuff already on so that it was perfect. They fixed up small things and just went way beyond expectation to make this the perfect car. Everywhere I go people complement, give looks and ask a lot about the car. Thanks David and team for the best service ever. They were also very very fair with pricing on just what I asked to be done even though they did way way more to make car even better! I am a lifetime client and fan of this business and will continue to work with them only. No one beats Auto Care East..Thanks again!
Vehicle: Ford Mustang
Service Date: 02/18/2012
Review Created: 02/20/2012 09:41 AM