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Review for Auto Care East Inc
CLEO C. on 06/30/2014
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"Service with a tint of What The Fudge??"
This isn't your typical 2 Star review. That is, if it wasn't for 1 instance of dissatisfaction I'd be giving a 6 star rating out of 5. To make a long story Short, Dave was exceptional with delivering on his promise to Get our 325i BMW back to looking brand new (Thanks Dave You Rock!) .. but it was when we needed to get our Dashboard light 'Cleared' that our Plot thickens. Not being a mechanic or knowing what the Yellow Lights on the Dashboard meant, we asked Dave (and Team - Jeff) to take a look at it and to diagnose the problem. The results came back that we needed new brakes and struts (front & rear) because they were either leaking or worn out. To which we were given the option of bringing in our own replacements (Struts Only) so that our vehicle would once again be restored to it's magnificent state. (Again - Thank you Dave, I appreciated that gesture). So now we arrive at the moment of Huh? We pick up the vehicle and we are very pleased with the way the car looks and runs. The dashboard is Clear and we saw no Yellow Lights or Break Lights ... that is until we drove it for 2 blocks and the Dash Board lights went on once again. We called and were told to bring it back to the Shop and Dave said that sometimes mechanics break sensors and that he'd repair it for "free". After I ask him if the Car will be fixed and that I won't be seeing the Yellow Dashboard lights, he replies yes. You are all set. After I take the Car out again, I drove it down the Block and the Dashboard lit up with the same Yellow Break Light. I call back and am asked to bring it back again. I leave it with Dave and the next I get a call from Dave saying that, "the reason for my Car's break lights going off are not due to it needing breaks or Struts, but due to wiring underneath the Driver's Side seat." He then goes on to say that, "I know it doesn't make any sense, but it's just the way it is." Really??? This still doesn't make any sense and the car is exhibiting peculiar behavior while driving with the Dashboard Break lights and middle Yellow light on. As a member of USAA, I'm going to have to notify them of this poor quality of treatment from Auto Care East. Again, if it wasn't for this lack of professionalism, I would've given Auto Care East the 2 referrals for body work that buddies returning from Afghanistan needed.
Vehicle: BMW 325xi
Service Date: 06/09/2014
Review Created: 06/30/2014 12:23 PM