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Tanika B.
Warren, MI
Chrysler 300M
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06/11/2018 Category: Service
Tanika said she would not recommend the business for service because after she picked the vehicle up she had 2 other issues . She is sure this was caused by the staff .
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Kristopher C.
New Haven, MI
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Austin S.
Warren, MI
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Damage to vehicles. Uncertified "Mechanics".
Damaged my car by lifting it. The Uncertified mechanics they have fixing cars clearly didnt know where to put the arms from the hoist. Mark and frank A also own firestone at 11 and gratiot. Goodyear at 7 mile and gratiot and good year at Livernois and Davison.

Angelica G.
Eastpointe, MI
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Rhonda M.
Eastpointe, MI
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