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Review for Autotech
GARRETT S. on 10/23/2012
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"Reluctant to warranty there work"
Hello I had a bad head gasket that they did less than 5 k miles prior. I took it back and they tried to tell me I had a bad radiator cap. Then about 300 miles later, my car stopped running all together. They finally fixed the bad head gasket under there warranty. Although they warrantied the work I felt I had to fight to get the job done.
Vehicle: Honda Civic
Service Date: 10/19/2012
Review Created: 10/23/2012 09:54 PM
The Autotech F. at Autotech responded on 11/03/2012
Garrett you purchased this vehicle from the original owner that we repaired the vehicle for on may 21st.. On aug. 21st. You brought us this vehicle stating there was water in the cylinders and was using coolant. We pressure tested the cooling system over the weekend and it held pressure, then we used a boreascope to inspect the cylinders for any signs of coolant- no evidence of coolant was found! We performed a block check and checked the cooling system for any signs of hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide, again no signs of a compromise of the head gasket! but we did find a defective radiator cap not holding the correct pressure, We replaced it and road tested the vehicle extensively for a week and could not find any problems with the engine using coolant or running hot. We recomended replacement of the timing belt,waterpump and crank seal which you approved. You took the vehicle on sept. 5th. On sept. 20th I followed up with you on your vehicle, you said that there were no problems. On Oct. 9th. you brought your vehicle back to us with a obvious blown head gasket which we replaced even though we noticed the radiator,thermostat, oil pan gasket had been replaced! To set the record straight, there is no implied transferable warranty for any automotive repair. So, legally we had no responsibility but morally, we felt we should do something; repair the head gasket. Let it be known that we saw that the radiator and the thermostat had been replaced since the repair we had done 5,948 miles ago. This would indicate to us there had been an overheating issue at some point after the initial repair that could have caused premature failure of the new head gasket we replaced. However, our reputation is far more important to us than getting into a “he said, she said” type of argument. We replaced the head gasket and related repairs under warranty. How we can be faulted for these actions is beyond reason.