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Review for Autotech
Susan M. on 05/14/2016
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Susan said she is unhappy with the business. From the first time she took her vehicle in, the vehicle is still not working correctly. For the reason stated, she would not recommend this business for service.
Vehicle: Nissan Altima
Category: Service
Service Date: 05/03/2016
Review Created: 05/14/2016
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
The Autotech F. at Autotech responded on 05/16/2016

On may 16th 7pm.I just left a message for Susan to call me back, On dec 31st 2015 we performed a oil service and rear brake service. On 3-26-16 i had left Susan a message regarding her previouse  service with us, She called back and stated her brake were squeaking when backing out of her driveway. No problem please bring the vehicle back for us to reinspect the rear brakes that we just serviced. She brought the Nissan back to us on Tuesday may 3rd.. her boyfriend Nick brought the car to us, He said he did not here any brake squeaks but noticed the ABS WARNING LAMP WAS ON, I said let me have it the day and we will look at the brakes. We inspected the rear brakes, they were fine. I called Nick to see if we can keep the nissan overnight to see if we can experiance the brake squeak,and also obtained approval to check out the abs waring lamp. He said sure. WE checked the abs system it had a C1120: front left inlet solenoid open or shorted to power or ground, we performed diagnostics and Reccomended the abs pump and module be replaced to solve the abs warning lamp from coming on. Susan declined that repair. Upon backing out of the shop in the morning we definatly heard brake squeaking from the rear and also from the front brakes. We burnished the brake rotors and the brake pads to remove any glaze on them. We road tested the nissan again when cold and backing out just like the day before. There was no squeak from the rears but did hear a squeak coming from the front brakes. Advised Susan to take her nissan back to where they had done her front brakes