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Review for Autotech
KIMBERLY R. on 02/11/2013
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"The puzzle is solved!"
After five different mechanics guessed and shrugged, I had come to believe that my check engine light was just a permanent part of my driving experience. The car ran just fine so I just ignored it. And then came smog, which can’t be passed with the check engine light activated like that. I went through CAP and ended up at Autotech because they are a STAR provider, and the have earned their star! They went over the whole car with a fine tooth comb, taking everything apart and looking for anything that might be out of the ordinary. While a prior mechanic wanted to “just replace the whole evap system to be sure the problem is gone,” Autotech took the time and discovered that it was my gas cap all along. I replaced my prior gas cap in the hopes that the light would go off but it didn’t work because I had replaced the bad gas cap with the wrong gas cap. After a few days in Autotech’s capable hands, my check engine light is off and I’ve passed my smog, just in time to register with the DMV. I didn’t even need the CAP help—I paid for the diagnostic and the retest but the “problem” itself was only $18 to fix. Hundreds of dollars saved and all is right with the world. Autotech is a quality auto-maintenance shop and I would definitely recommend it!
Vehicle: Pontiac Vibe
Service Date: 02/08/2013
Review Created: 02/11/2013 11:58 AM