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Hari-Prakash B.
Bend, OR
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Horrible customer service
Called to schedule our spot. On Friday he said we could bring in this Thursday. Called Monday to confirm. He said Friday or Monday. As I was getting g off phone he started saying some time next week. I was like wait a minute. First you said Thursday, then Friday, then Monday and now you’re saying bring the car in onnMi day and we’ll have done time next week. I need more of a commitment. This little twerp HUNG UP ON ME and then turned the phones off. He informed me the owner was gone, so I know I wasn’t treated like this by the owner. I own a business and you don’t treat customers like this. I wasn’t rude, I didn’t raise my voice, I simply stated I needed more of a commitment due to being without a vehicle and that was how he handled it. My car still runs. You just can’t love the seat forward so my husband had to dry everywhere. We can’t have our car sit for 3 to 4 days at a ship while they decide when they’re going to work it in.