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Review for Bob's Service Center
Robbie B. on 10/08/2015
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"stay away"
Went in for a vehicle inspection. The tech ended up pointing out things that were ridiculous and had passed inspection the last 5 years. Just trying to drum up business.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Silverado
Service Date: 10/01/2015
Review Created: 10/08/2015 05:30 PM
Bob P. at Bob's Service Center responded on 10/27/2015

Hi Robbie and thanks for taking the time to express your concerns. I'm sorry you feel we're just trying to "drum up" business. We do allow our customers to get they're vehicles repaired where ever they like, bring them back to us within 2 weeks and we'll re-inspect they're vehicle for no charge. So in that respect we're not "drumming up" any new business.
Unfortunately the State of Vermont has a fairly strict and thorough inspection manual that we have to abide by or face the penalties of losing our insection license, driver's license and fines.
Your vehicle failed inspection because; 1.) The ABS light was on indicating that your anti-lock brake system has a problem and is currently not fuctioning. 2.) The brake warning light on the dash was on indicating a very real safety issue with the brake system. Quite often what ever causes the ABS light to come on also causes this light to come on. 3.) Your "Check Engine" light is on which causes your truck to fail Vermont's emissions inspection. 4.) Vermont allows window tinting on the rear side windows and back window and only if you have 2 outside rear view mirrors. You can have window tinting on all windows if you have a medical permit. 5.) Your fog lights, license plate lights and right front marker lights were all inoperative. These are required to work. 6.) Lastly the inspection technician felt that the brake lines were sufficiently rusted to cause concern about their effectiveness in the near future should you find yourself in a panic stop situation. This is the only item on the list which is subjective. Because this is a “safety inspection”, we prefer your brake lines be in safe condition “before” they fail rather than after. You truck may have passed inspection for the last 5 years but unfortunately as vehicles get older, more items tend to wear out. If you still feel that these items are “ridiculous”, please feel free to contact the state at 802-828-2067. It’s not unusual for them to have an inspector look at your vehicle to confirm our findings.