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Review for Bob's Service Center
Gary W. on 05/20/2013
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Spoke with Linda. She said she was not happy with her overall experience although the people were nice and polite. Her vehicle was towed to this business and she was quoted $45 for the towing but that price changed to $97 because the towing went past business hours. They received her vehicle on a Friday so they could repair her starter. She was contacted on Monday to let her know they would need to wait until Wednesday for the part. She told them to fix the emergency brake while they had her vehicle. On Wednesday she contacted them and they let her know her vehicle would be ready later that day. They had not repaired the emergency brake yet and she reminded them to which they said ok. When she picked up her vehicle that afternoon they had not fixed her emergency brake which ticked her off. Her bill was $457 for parts, labor and towing. She was charged double for a starter, double on the towing and paid Vermont taxes which she normally does not pay in New Hampshire and left with the emergency brake still needing repair. They did a good job on the starter but she would not recommend them to others for the reasons mentioned. She was not given an estimate at the onset and is not used to doing business that way.
Vehicle: Ford Explorer
Category: Service
Service Date: 05/12/2013
Review Created: 05/20/2013
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