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Review for Bonita Valley Auto Care
PATTY M. on 07/29/2011
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"Just a question"
Just a quick note. I'm not a complainer but I do have a concern. In Florida, when my car is done being serviced, the guys bring my car around for me or at least tell me where it is after I pay and show me the way. I had great service this time as well and phone calls at home BUT when I got back to the station, I spoke with a Terry, then paid for services and he left and I got my keys. I waited out front thinking my car was being brought to me and then I finally ask someone and they said, is behind the station. I had to walk and find my own car and then their was so much traffic, I had to back out to get out of the station. Too congested. In all honesty, I'm still a lady, I still like my car doors closed for me, opened for me and treated respectfully. I'm not the lady of TODAY...I'm old school. I know I have to return my car soon for some parts and I hope I get treated more as a lady and not just go and get it yourself. I'm not that way. I paid for the services. Thankyou. As I said, in Florida, I have our car done alot there and they treat all ladies with restpect and bring the car around. I really didn't mind getting my own car, BUT, I was never shown or told where to go and pick it up. I was waiting out front for it and finally after so many minutes, I had to ask. That didn't go over well with me. Hopefully, this will let you know that their still are some ladies out there that aren';t of today. Many thanks.
Service Date: 07/27/2011
Review Created: 07/29/2011 07:52 AM