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Review for Bonita Valley Auto Care
David F. on 05/23/2013
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"Hi ya, Hi ya Hi ya! That will be $100 please."
When I hand a $100 bill to a mechanic I expect it to go towards a fix of my vehicle. My first words to the Happy man so anxious to take my AAA card (because I was told I would get a discount---but it now seams as though Happy man probably gets a bonus based upon how many AAA-based diagnostic tests he is able charge for.) The problem was my fuel filter needed replacing, that what I said when I arrived. And that was one of the items listed in the diagnostic check which also showed that it would cost approximately $2,000 for all items to get fixed that showed up on the diagnostic report. My point is this. I do not intend to have all the small things on my car replaced so that my car become new again, I just wanted the fuel filter fixed so that the light would go off and an oil change---that's it! All I got was a $100 list of items that if fixed would make my car "mechanically new again". JUST WANTED A NEW FUEL FILTER AND AN OIL CHANGE. I picked up my car with $100 less in my wallet and not a damb thing done to it. I felt completely TAKEN, SCAMED, BATE & SWITHED ON. Maybe your business model should be adjusted i.e., if you charge $100 for the four pieces of paper that tells a customer way more than he cares to know (at least in my case) you might at the very least CHANGE HIS OIL FOR $29.00. Instead you end up with a pissed off customer who is discussed with the entire experience and who will never return. I took my car to MIDAS and had them replace my fule filter and do the oil change. The very reason why I went in.
In the end I felt RIPPED OFF! And to add insult to injury, when I picked up my reciept after having paid, Mr. Happy face says to me "easy come, easy go--ha ha ha" NEWS ALERT TO HAPPY FACE MAN---I worked hard for the $100 you took out of my wallet.
David Fisher
Service Date: 05/20/2013
Review Created: 05/23/2013 09:56 AM
Bill B. at Bonita Valley Auto Care responded on 05/27/2013
I am sorry you had a less than perfect experience at our facility. All I can suggest is not to agree to having a check engine light diagnosis when you simply want a fuel filter and oil change. This would have saved us both a lot of time. When we tried to contact you about the issue you hung up on my service advisor. I think maybe you are upset about having a lot of issues with your vehicle and we were the unlucky ones to inform you. I hope you continue to receive excellent service at your Midas shop.