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Review for Buddy's Auto Repair
david v. on 07/20/2012
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"Ripp offs"
My wife took our car to get a brake and light inspection and just because she was a female they tried to tell her out master cylinder was leaking and bad and would be 600 to fix and 120 to repair a light that was out. Well im also a tech at John deere equipment and have been working in this trade for 10+ years so i know what im doing and when i got home and seen the estimate i flipped! The part only cost $73 bucks and should take no longer they 2 hours at most as its only 2 bolts and bleeding the system, unless charging $200+/hr is normal haha this place is a ripp off!!!!!!!
Service Date: 07/17/2012
Review Created: 07/20/2012 08:10 PM