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Review for California Auto Centers
HEATHER R. on 01/10/2016
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
"Joe and his team are just AMAZING!!!!"
I have been going to Calif Auto for service on my vehicles for two years now and I am just floored each and every time about the customer service and professionalism that Joe, Erin, and the rest of their team provides. I love my truck (Toy Taco 2003) let's just start there. I service it regularly; oil, belts, timing, fluid exchanges, etc....Joe and his team did some a timing belt exchange back in 2014. Sept. 2015 on my way back from Mammoth my friend noticed a noise coming from my truck. No oil drainage, temps normal ranges, no warning lights, so I figured it was just the truck getting old on me and starting to make weird noises. Come January 2016, take truck in for its normal oil exchange and receive a call later from Joe that one of the techs heard the same noise from my engine and did some investigation. A bolt from that holds the timing cover had worked its way out and had been bouncing around in the timing housing!!! Joe explained that my timing belt did take some minor damage and on inspection he also found the idler pulley bearings were going out. Man the first thought in my head was "oh sh!@#" how much is this going to run me?? Joe told me that he was going to replace the timing and tensioner belts for me at no charge and would only need to cover the idler pulley parts, the oil change, and no extra labor charges!!! This is why I take my vehicle and my wife's vehicle to Joe and his team. Joe takes care of his customers and takes pride in his team and work. A man that stands by his work is very rare in this day and age. I hope Joe and his team never retire because service like that is hard to come by and it is really going to be a sad day if it ever ends. I always recommend his shop to anyone I meet, friends, and family. If you want tremendous service on your vehicle by a man that holds pride in his work and cares for his customers, then Calif Auto is for you.
Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma
Service Date: 01/08/2016
Review Created: 01/10/2016 09:15 AM