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LISA M. on 07/04/2012
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" Radiator cap was left off when finished with my vehicle!"
I took my car in for a/c service. I dropped it off at lunch and picked it up after work. On my way home the air ran great until it started over heating and smoking!! The car broke down before I got home! After it cooled a bit, it did restart and I made it the 2 blocks home. I poped the hood (knowing NOTHING about cars!!) And wham! The Radiator cap (metal cap that says don't remove when hot) was sitting ontop of where you put coolant in!!! There was antifreeze (I believe that was the liquid) sprayed EVERYWHERE!! Since it was after work, they were closed by this time so I couldn't call them! I put the cap back on and put coolant back in it. The next morning went to pick up a friend and her daughter to give them a ride to daycare and work on my way to work. We sat and waited for CarX to open and I called and explained what happened. They sent someone to come get us with a loaner. We took my friend and her daughter where they needed to go and I dropped the man off at CarX and headed to work. 30 mins late!! I picked the car up , once again after work and this time it just sounds like crap and is clanking bad. Did they even DRIVE my car after they fixed it?!?! I believe the worst part was talking to the manager. When I called before I came back to pick it up, I asked him what tthe hell happened and he said what do you mean? He acted as if he didn't believe me that the cap was off when I got home the first day. He said when he looked at it after they towed the car in, the cap was on! No shit! I had to put the cap on to try and drive it!! I didn't not appreciate his stupid look like I was the crazy one and it was no big deal. Well it was a HUGE deal to me!!!
Vehicle: Chevrolet Lumina
Service Date: 07/02/2012
Review Created: 07/04/2012 04:29 AM
Your T. at Car X Tire & Auto responded on 07/16/2012
Lisa, sorry for your negative experience at the shop. I hope once we got the car fixed you were truly satisfied! It was a big deal to us and we did everything we could to make it painless and convenient for you. Mike McCormick
Your T. at Car X Tire & Auto responded on 11/06/2012