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Review for Cascade Collision Repair - Orem
James H. on 03/01/2013
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James said the insurance recommended 2 businesses. This one seemed best. He didn't have any expectations about the appearance, but it was a clean business. They were courteous. Some of the weather stripping they installed when they replaced the driver's side passenger door is already falling off. When they cut and buffed the clear coat, some compound was left in the seams and door, but he wiped it off. For the most part, they did a good job within their budget. He would recommend them for whole vehicle paint jobs, but not for spot jobs because they have a hard time matching paint colors. He's not completely satisfied with the paint because it doesn't match to the bed of the truck. It is impossible to match solvent-based paint with water-based paint. They presented him with the vehicle and acted like it looked good. The color didn't match. He talked to them. They said most people don't notice. They re-painted it, during the rainy season. James is noticing a slight color difference in the sunlight now that the weather is getting better.
Category: Collision
Service Date: 12/28/2012
Review Created: 03/01/2013
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