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Review for Cascade Collision Repair - Provo
Jill K. on 09/30/2011
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"No Quality, No Integrity, No Accountability"
I got rear-ended and had very minor damage to my Honda Accord. My car was in good shape. I had it custom painted in 2006. It was very nice. I am the original owner.
The bumper was the only damage that they needed to repair. I went to pick it up and I felt the bumper, I could feel something on the bumper and the technician their said it was an air bubble. I noticed some gouges on my rear door on the driver’s side. I told him that wasn't there when I dropped it off. He said to bring the car back and talk to Joe.
Joe tried to tell me that it was there when I brought it in. He looked at the photos and said he couldn't see it. He was trying to say that I was lying. I was frustrated and he said it is their fault and we will fix it. He said it would take two days. I picked up my car when they were closing. I felt the bumper and that was good. I looked over the part that had the gouges and that seemed good. I noticed a long scratch that was on the passenger’s rear panel. It wasn't there before the paint was gone. I thought I would try to fix it my self. When I was in my garage at home I saw what they had done. They had fixed the door and painted it in the corner and sprayed the whole door with clear coat. They never cleaned it before they sprayed it. All the dirt patches are under the clear coat. The front door on the passenger’s side had been sprayed as well with the clear coat. It ran down the side of my car. The effected area took up a 7" x 7" space. I took it back and again and they tried to blame me. Yea, like I painted my car with clear coat putting the dirt underneath. I still have this problem and I am not happy. No one should have to deal with this. I understand mistakes, but don’t let the mistake leave the garage. Get it done with quality. Own up to the mistake. I still don’t have it fixed; they say I have to wait through the weekend. I think I want to go somewhere else and have them pay for the problems. We shall see what happens on Monday.
Service Date: 09/30/2011
Review Created: 09/30/2011 02:46 PM