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Marilynn S.
Mebane, NC
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2 years and another AC compressor!!!! Why!!!???
2yrs ago while my car was under an extended warranty, my AC stopped working. Took my car to Crenshaw Hyundai, whom I also bought my extended warranty from, and had the AC repaired. Here I am 2 years later staring at about $1000.00 in repairs in the face. They only replaced the compressor and not the other parts that go with the AC, i.e. Condenser with drier and expansion valve. If My car is totally warrantied it should have been completely done the first time whether they felt it needed it or not. Now Im back at square one and in the same month it went out on 2 years ago. The level of anger I feel at this very moment is more than I have felt in a very very long time. This is unacceptable!!! The best thing they could've done was complete the circle on such a costly repair. This is the reason why I purchased the warranty in the first place, so I wouldn't have to incur such a large expense out of pocket. When I trade it in, it will not be another Hyundai! Not sure if I put the right day on this but the month is correct for the service. Today is July 8, 2019
Gregory A C., Service Manager from Crenshaw Hyundai responded on 07/12/2019

I am truly sorry to hear you are having another issue with your ac system. Unfortunately, it is not normal practice to replace absolutely every portion of an ac system when just one component fails. If one light bulb blows out in your house, you wouldn't replace all the wiring in the house "just in case." Also, I am a little confused by your review because this was posted the day before you brought your vehicle in for us to check. You were going completely off of another shop's diagnosis, which we determined to be wrong. If this other shop would have replaced all of the parts they told you were bad, the ac system still would not have worked. I understand how you can be frustrated by having no air conditioning in the summer, but give us a chance to look into at the vehicle before you blame us for doing something wrong.

Greg Causey
Service Manager
(336) 584-1144

robbie p.
Snow Camp, NC
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Tamela A.
Burlington, NC
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B C.
Graham, NC
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Staria m.
Mebane, NC
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