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Review for Crest Cadillac Collision Center
Clarissa J. on 12/09/2013
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"Never Ever Ever Again"
I will never go to Crest Cadillac again my insurance agency referred me to Crest after I was rear ended the day before Thanksgiving. I was driving a SUV and the person who rear ended me was driving a small vehicle, that actually crushed my muffle underneath my car from the impact. Crest contacts me on Tuesday and state that I can bring my vehicle for an estimate, I ask do I have to leave the vehicle he informs me that I do not. I bring my vehicle in immediately and as soon as the representative sees my truck he is like you can not drive this car back its not safe. Me being a female take him at his word. He then inquires if I had a rental car already, and informed him that I did, he looked displeased because he wanted to place me in one of their vehicles. He contacted their shuttle and arranged for it to pick me up. He then tells me they will do an estimate and I will be copied on it via email, and they will start ordering parts, and begin fixing the vehicle. On Thursday I am contacted by their representative and informed that my tail gate is stuck closed, and that my dash board is not functioning and he wanted me to be informed of this, I state ok and that ends the call. I receive a phone call from Crest on Monday, which is today indicating that my tailgate was not stuck it had to be opened from the inside, and that the problem with my dash seemed to be an electrical issue, and that their was water inside my vehicle, and that I must have had a faulty dashboard, or sunroof, I informed their rep that this was not possible as I have had this vehicle for not even 2 full months and it has been out in the rain, and no water has ever got inside the vehicle, I asked where my doors closed? Was my sunroof closed? He stated yes they were, I informed him that this did not make any sense to me at all. He said well thats what it is. I told him I would contact my insurance immediately, which I did, and I picked up my vehicle from Crest and took it elsewhere for an estimate and repairs, while I was there he told me that when they were checking on the dash today,and went in the fuse box they found the water in it draining into the bottom of my vehicle. Ok but you checked on my dash last week so why would you be rechecking it on today??? Needless to say I left very upset. When I got to the body shop of my choice I noticed my sunroof looked like it was not all the way closed so I tried to close it and what do you know the button is not working at all. It has been very cold here, and I have not had my sunroof open during the week of Thanksgiving. I will follow up on here once my insurance reviews this further.
Service Date: 12/09/2013
Review Created: 12/09/2013 06:52 PM
Carl T. at Crest Cadillac Collision Center responded on 12/10/2013

Clarissa Jones this is a 2003 XC90 Volvo with 142,268 miles on it and has $4000.00 to $5000.00 in just prior non wreck related damages. You state that you have owned it for less than two months. When we got this car nothing on the dash worked and none of the upper controls worked, in fact the only thing that did work was the windows. We always check to make sure these things work so that we can document them with the customer and the insurance company. We did advise you that your car wasn't safe to drive because it wasn't. It had exstensive rear end damage and the exhaust was bent, causing the exhaust fumes to enter the passenger area. We did find the car had a water leak, it was leaking on the inside of the A pillar on the drivers side directly into the fuse box. We don't know if this was pre exsisting due the aftermarket windshield(NOT VOLVO OEM GLASS) being replaced in the past or if it was due to the accident. Needless to say we are here to repair cars and provide the best service that we can, we have nothing to gain from doing further damage and losing a customer. We tried to work with you and your insurance company and was met by nothing but rejection from you both. You said it wasn't like this prior to the accident and they said it couldn't be related to the accident. It has rained in the Nashville area heavily for the last few weeks, if you have only owned this car less than two months you may want to consider asking who you bought it from about this.

We do regret that you have all of these problems because someone was careless and rear ended you. It is unfortunate that you are having the water issues, but again we nor you can prove that this was not a issue prior to the accident. Good luck with getting it all resolved and if you need our help we will be here for you.