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Beth S.
Kill Buck, NY
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Urban Auto doesn't deserve a ? for their mechanical knowledge for inspecting cars
I had my car at Urban Auto for inspection on October 3, 2018. I was told that they couldn't pass the inspection because I needed lower control arm, rear shocks and coil springs. After I manage to get the money up to get the parts that I needed for my car to pass inspection.
I had the work done and took it back to get the inspection and ALSO the alignment redone on Monday December 17, 2018.
I was told that they, a Urban Auto mechanic, can not pass the inspection because the frame by the rear control arms is rusted out bad.
My question is why wasn't that bruoght up on October 3rd? It most certainly didn't get that bad within the last two months especially when my car sat in my driveway for month and a half. Also if the first person who inspected the car HAD told me about the frame I would've went looking for another car and found one by now.
I stongly believe that someone doesn't know how to do their job right.
I will NOT and DO NOT recommend anyone to go to Urban Auto/Dens Auto.
All they did was ruined my Christmas. Thank you

Salamanca, NY
Dodge Dakota
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Incompetent mechanics
Brought truck in to be inspected because Bill has always been fair and a great mechanic brought vehicles motorcycles trailers to dens because of this.this time I was told it had broken leaf springs which it did not on the side they said but that's understandable.also was told I had loose the rod ends and a loose lower ball joint they were not as they were only 8 months old it did need the brake pads and rotors I knew this that's fine was told I needed new rear tires as they were down to wear bars and the front left tire was down to threads on inside.all 4 tires were good enough to pass inspection but I bought 4 new ones anyway better safe than sorry. The thing that pisses me off is the fact I asked if they could fix it so it would pass inspection I was told it would cost more than the truck was worth.so not only did Den lose $70 an hour labor plus his mark up on tires and rear springs (all other parts were Moog lifetime or from autozone and under warranty) he lost the rest of my business and I tell everyone I know not to take anything there.how long will he stay in buisness if all his mechanics want to do are the easy jobs and turn the rest down that's ok I'll give my money to someone who's honest and maybe Den can go find another garage to buy for its customers before his employees run that into the ground