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Review for Discount Brake & Auto Repair
Nancy R. on 08/15/2015
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"promised to fix brakes but did nt"
Had Problem with my brakes and they supposedly fixed it only to have same problem on the way home from their shop.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Service Date: 07/16/2015
Review Created: 08/15/2015 03:44 PM
Chris C. at Discount Brake & Auto Repair responded on 08/21/2015

My name is Chris Cochran, I am the owner of Discount Brake & Auto Repair.  You brought your vehicle in on July 24th because the rear brakes were smoking.  You thought maybe the vehicle was driven with the emergency brake on.  My tech could see the rear brakes had been hot but when he checked the calipers and brake hoses but they were acting normal at that time.  The park brake was also working normal at that time.  The only problem my tech saw was the brake pads were worn out on both front and rear wheels.  We explained that the most likely cause of the overheating was a caliper sticking.  We gave you the choice of doing the brake job with or without rear calipers since we could not duplicate problem with caliper.  We do not like to recommend parts that don't need to be replaced so due to the cost of the calipers we gave you the choice.  We explained if the problem returned we could warranty any work on the rear that we had done and charge for the calipers.  That way if it was just the e-brake, you would not be spending more than you had to.  The tech test drove the vehicle after repairs and did not see any reason at that time to recommend additional repairs. 
I was out of town when I read your review so I asked Rita my office manager to give you a call.   You said you the rear brakes started smoking again and felt like we should have caught the problem.  You brought the truck back so we could re-check them.  We recommended that you go ahaead and replace the rear calipers and that we were going to completly re-do the rear brakes so everything was new again.   The final cost of the repair would have been the same had we replaced calipers at the original time of service but you did not approve the repair of replacing the calipers.  We have been in business for over 28 years and we have built our reputation on only fixing what needs to be fixed.  Sometimes vehicles need all the repairs and that is out of our control.  You have been our customer since 2002.  I would hate to think we lost your business because we were unable to save you money on a repair.  Please accept my apology for your inconvinence.  If you would like to discuss this with me please feel free to give me a call.  My number is 936-539-3040.  Thank you- Chris Cochran