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Darlean T.
Lexington, KY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I am writing this review because of how the story ends. The car I am referencing is our 5th Hyundai. We have been loyal customers, in fact my son's first car was a Hyundai Genesis. We have always had impeccable service before this particular isssue so I was quite taken aback when it happened and still am. We bought my son's second Genesis new. It was our fifth Hyundai from this dealership. So we obviously liked the cars and had been satisfied with the service. the car had 146 miles on it. Six months later my son brought it in with squeaky brakes. The brakes at that service were noted OK. The next service was six months later and the brakes showed a slight amount of wear. Four months later at 14,000 miles they advised ordering new brake pads and rotors ($1,700.00). I found this to be puzzling. Afterwards I placed many, many calls and many, many emails to the dealership and still could not receive a satisfactory explanation. I was told, however, that my son was driving the brakes "hard" and this was a "high performance" vehicle. My son does not drive the brakes hard and I would think if he did we would have had to replace the brakes on his first Genesis as it too would have fallen into the class of a high performance vehicle as well. This seemed wrong on so many levels but what stood out the most to me was the lack of long time customer appreciation. Ironically I was considering trading my Santa Fe in for Kona. Upon my second call to Hyundai North America, I filed a complaint only after failure to get an explanation except for customer blame. And the brakes were still also very noisy. Hyundai decided, after learning that the service manager offered me $100.00, to reimburse me half of the cost of the brake job. I found this to be fair but the brakes were still very noisy. When my son took his car in again, they told him that the car was safe but in order to stop the noise he would have to replace the rear brakes this time. I found this to be unbelievable and quite frankly absurd. Seeking a second opinion from a trusted source proved to be quite beneficial. This individual listened, thought about the problem and decided to put it up on his rack, He then found one of brake parts still had the rabbit ears and concluded that they were rubbing, hence causing the noise. Right he was because he removed them and the noise ceased. Problem solved, so simply. Very different from the Hyundai stance where faulty parts become the customer's fault. Of course nothing is perfect in this world, parts included, but the lack of customer consideration was appalling.

Marcel S.
Lebanon, KY
2016 Hyundai Veloster
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Ray S.
Morehead, KY
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
finance department
sales people was ok but finance department sucks was told autopay plus help pay off sooner but was not told that there is a 399.00 enrollment fee and did not get any copies of autopay contract so was blindsided, when finance department was notified of issues with autopay was given phone number for autopay and told that I would get any monies back via check wrong! autopay only waives the 399.00 and keeps any monies they have, dealership should help with any issues if they offer this service or be up front with people so steer clear of finance department, I will go somewhere else next time where people are up front on every issue

Michelle L.
Lexington, KY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Not Honoring Service Agreements
While my vehicle was leased through this dealership when it was Glenn Hyundai, Don Franklin purchased the auto mall including the service contracts. However, they are not honoring those contracts and are telling customers that the other Glenn dealerships are honoring them. This is false! The Glenn dealerships are not honoring them because they were sold to Don Franklin. I believe in honoring your commitments and having the integrity to do the right thing. When I called back to let the service department know that the information they gave me was incorrect, I was giving them the opportunity to remedy the situation. Instead the woman said thanks and hung up on me. This is very poor customer service and you have alienated me as a client. You did nothing to earn my business or respect by giving me the run around. The only reason there is 1 star is because it would not allow me to leave it as 0.
ANDY W., PARTS AND SERVICE DIRECTOR from Don Franklin Lexington Hyundai responded on 08/13/2018

I am looking into this situation, do you know who you spoke with that hung up on you? Do you know what service contract you were given? We have not been able to find any contracts through Hyundai.


Nathan F.
Owenton, KY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Buyer beware
After negotiating on a new vehicle I received a picture of the offer signed by a manager. While en route to the dealership to make the purchase the sales manager called, probably the same one that signed the offer, and told me the salesman was “confused” and couldn’t make the deal. He then proceeded to attempt to negotiate a much higher price above what was already agree to. Text book “bait and switch” unethical sales tactics. This dealership is a joke.

Lexington, KY
2011 Hyundai Sonata
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Matthew K.
Lexington, KY
2008 Hyundai Tucson
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Lexington, KY
2016 Hyundai Sonata
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