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Daniel D. on 08/07/2014
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"surreal repair nightmare"
I went to have my secondary water pump leak fixed. Quoted about $450 to fix. Once he repaired that, plastic T-hose connectors & hoses start blowing again & again & again &... then, it was $800, then $1,100, then $1,500. After taking off both upper & lower manifolds, 4 out of 6 injectors broke (really?!). The bill came to $2,400. He said he'd driven & tested it. I drove less then half a mile before another hose burst! Back to shop (am I a total idiot at this point?). $600 more for hoses going to radiator. Oops, then the radiator broke. Total damages: $3,600. That's $1,500 under total value of my car!! He said he'd deeply cut the cost of his parts & labor (theirs is $126/hr). Business norm auto labor around $110/hr. Total repairs took TWO weeks. Only when I threatened to have car towed to dealership, did he finally offer to pay for a rental car. I had to constantly call him everyday & constantly ask him to initiate update calls to me. He really seemed to want to help, but it really felt like he wasn't' sure about what he was doing. Correction, he even admitted he didn't' know if his extensive work would even fix the car. His advice was to get it running & then sell it ASAP. This is 2001 VW car w only 108k miles. Driven onIy 4,000 miles per year in past 5 years. My mistake was taking it here in first place. Hindsight: What do you do when yer engine is taken half-apart & yer already $2,000+ into fixing it??? He was overpriced, not properly trained for my VW. I had to threaten to tow away my car before he paid for a rental car. Never, ever again. He's a real nice guy, but my credit card is gutted $3,600 for fixing Plastic and Hoses?!!!!
Vehicle: Volkswagen Jetta
Service Date: 07/12/2014
Review Created: 08/07/2014 11:00 AM