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Ray H. on 09/17/2014
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Ray said he paid this business $2,500 for a blown head gasket and after they got into the job, they found all kinds of other issues. They told him they flushed the radiator but they did not because he took it down to another facility where they found gunk in it. They wanted to charge him $310 for a new radiator, when all it needed was to be flushed out. He requested they replace a valve and they only tried to fix it, which resulted in his having to go on the freeway and wasting his gas. They finally did replace it with a new one and it fixed the problem. They did not charge him for replacing the valve, which he felt was nice because he had already spent a lot on gas while they were just repairing the old valve. For these reasons, he would not recommend this business and would caution others to have their vehicle serviced at this business.
Vehicle: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Category: Service
Service Date: 08/21/2014
Review Created: 09/17/2014
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Kris J. at First Choice Auto Service responded on 09/23/2014

This car came in overheating and running poorly.
We check the codes and there was a code stored for the EGR system.  We had to get the car running right before we could test the EGR system.
We found the head gasket was leaking badly causing it to run poor & overheat right away. After we sent the head to the machine shop they also found the valves were not sealing. We had them fix the cylinder head. After we got the head back we tried cleaning the the EGR passage ways and the valve to save him some money, but that didn't fix the EGR code, so we replaced the valve for free.
After we fixed the head gasket and the EGR valve the car ran great and never over heated.
The customer came back 20 days later and said it was still over heating.  We tested the cooling system and all the fans were working properly and coolant was full and clean. We check the temptarture on the radiator and found it was plugged up, not cooling the coolant down enough, and would need replacement for best fix. Flushing it out was just a temporary fix & will need replaced for a permanent fix.  We did flush the coolant system after the we installed the new head gasket. and drove the car about 20 miles and car never overheated for us. The customer drove the car for 20 days before it started overheating again on him. I still believe the radiator is going to need replacing.