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Ken K. on 08/05/2013
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When I went to pick up my car, it had little black flecks all over the dash. There were two large (3"-4")strands of rubber on the floor mats. The wiper fluid line had been disconnected and not reattached. The plastic housing that covers the wiper was not put back in place. The wiper was not re-positioned to the factory set point. It had just begun to sprinkle, so I turned the wiper on and pushed the washer fluid button. Water shot out on the hood of my car. I went back into the business and asked to see someone that would help fix the issues. A young man and a manager came out. The young man told me that the wiper should be positioned 3" above the bottom. I told him I appreciated his advice, but to just put it to where the auto manufacturer designed it. He wanted to argue this point, and then proceeded to tell me that Glasspro was the best in the business. I would think that an apology would have been in order versus bragging about what a fine operation you have. Not cleaning up after the installation, not hooking up the washer fluid, re-securing the housing, and resetting the wiper to the wrong position is inexcusable, but then to tell me how lucky I am to get this service from "the best in town" was insulting to my intelligence. The manager just stood there and said nothing. How there is no protocol followed on the install is hard to understand. It's a windshield installation. How many things can go wrong? How many things are on the final checklist? I can't imagine any of them being checked in my case. And again, no apology. You can almost excuse the youthful ignorance of the installer, but the manager should have stepped in and done something.
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Service Date: 07/15/2013
Review Created: 08/05/2013
Jo Ann N. at Glasspro Mt. Pleasant responded on 08/06/2013


Glasspro takes every survey very seriously.  We are very disappointed and apologetic for the experience this person had and it certainly was not what we strive for. Our goal is to delight the customer and obviously we did not this time. We have talked with every person involved at Glasspro.  We have also apologized to the customer and resolved all mechanical issues.  Further,  Mr. K, thank you for taking the time to share your experience.  As difficult as it was to see how far we fell short, our goal is to improve from this feedback.