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Katherine C. on 03/13/2014
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When we were initially patched thru to your office, the sales rep or scheduler asked us for our street address, phone numbers, and other basic questions and in response to our answers each time said "awesome" "perfect" or some other "cutesy" word. I know this is the growing trend for companies and customer service, but it is "ridiculous!!!" Customers should be answered in polite terms when responding to simple questions and not be made to feel like children who are doing a GOOD JOB by answering a simple question! My goodness, why couldn't she have said thank you for each answer rather than "awesome"?? I mean really, is it "awesome" for a customer to give their phone number or address to a company they are wishing to hire to do work for them?
Category: Glass
Service Date: 02/28/2014
Review Created: 03/13/2014
Jo Ann N. at Glasspro North Charleston responded on 03/14/2014

Glasspro takes feedback very seriously.  The owner personally contacted this customer to hear first hand her experience.  We have pulled the call and shared this feedback as well as the call with our customer service staff so they are aware.  Thank you for sharing this perspective.