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Review for Glenn's Auto Repair
Morgan B. on 10/12/2011
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Morgan said that he was very happy on this visit because they got him in right away and quickly found the issue with his vehicle. They also fixed it at a reasonable price. One of the main things he likes about this business is that they are very well priced. He is unsure if he would recommend this business or not. Although this visit was good he has had some bad experiences with them in the past. On one occasion he asked them not to change the settings on his spark plugs but they did so he ended up blowing through the spark plug in one day. He brought it back and they didn't offer to fix it so he had to pay out of pocket. On another occasion he asked them to turn the rotors on the car and within a month his rotors were shot. Again they didn't offer to rectify the situation and although they gave him a free service he still had to buy new brakes. Until this visit he was definitely unhappy with them but this time was much better.
Category: Service
Service Date: 08/25/2011
Review Created: 10/12/2011
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