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Miramar Beach, FL
Volvo XC90
Verified Customer
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I had my wife bring in our 2009 xc90 to Glen Roy because I was concerned about a possible failing water pump. When she brought it he needed time to look it over so she left it with him after speaking with James and letting him know that she was also concerned about the transmission because it was shifting rough at times and to make sure to look over the vehicle. Glen Roy called my wife and told her the repairs would be about 1400.00. Which is a big chunk of change for us. He hesitated and thought it over and went with the repairs before looking into other prices for the repair. She picked up her car the next day and asked about the transmission but it wasn't looked at!! Glen Roy said he didn't look at it and James did transfer the message to him obviously so now we know the transmission needs attension but have no clue what is wrong and if it just needs a flush or it is a major issue about to happen. Now to pay more money for him just to check it out when he could have taken a look while we had it in the shop. Hopefully he will take a look at it for free and not change us the look see bill of 200.00.
Glenroy C., Your Trusted Luxury Auto Specialist from Glenroy Automotive responded on 06/05/2017

Hello and Good day,

WE will gladly look at your Volvo.  And there will be no "Look see" bill" awaiting post allowing us to "look". Your Transmission emmitted grinding noises and other "internal" problems mentioned when the vehicle was signed in for services, along the overheating issues we took care of for you. Your repair bill had itmeized "findings" expalining what is found and suggested, which included your transmission, deteriorated engine mounts, and failing vaccum pump.   Thanks for the oppurtunity to remedy any concerns with your last visit. WE hope to see you soon! 

Glenroy Cooper
Your Trusted Luxury Auto Specialist
Glenroy Automotive
91B Monahan Dr
FWB, FL 32548
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Ana A.
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Volvo XC90
Verified Customer
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05/19/2017 Category: Service
Ana said the service was good at this business. They explained everything very well to her.
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