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Ted R.
Stuart, FL
2013 Hyundai Elantra Gt
Verified Customer
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08/25/2017 Category: Service
They lied to me about finishing the service to repair a transaxle fluid leak on my 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT.
I had to do the cleanup myself. Based on this lie and the fact that they did not indicate the amount of fluid needed to top off the transxaxle, I doubt they checked and adjusted the transaxle fluid level after repairing a fluid leak in the auxiliary cooling circuit.
PAT C., Service Manager from Goshen Hyundai responded on 08/26/2017

Mr. Robbins:

Certainly I am troubled by your statements that we lied to you and the fact that you state to "please do not contact you". I must state that we certainly did not lie to you and I can state this unequivocally because I was one of the people who helped repair your vehicle and I take your comments very personal.
 I was so troubled by the horrible way someone installed the aftermarket oil cooler on your vehicle that I photographed the before and after condition of your vehicle. So I do know what the conditions of your vehicle was before and after we made our repairs.
You may not recognize the fact that we are just a small town car dealership. We certainly pride ourselves on the fact that we always go out of our way to take care of our customers in a fair and honest manner and in no way did we ever attempt to mislead you in any way.
If you recall we even invited you to come into the shop and take a look at the installation problems with your oil cooler and the amount of oil that was all over the front and bottom of the vehicle. You even photographed the situation yourself.
My concern is for you and your vehicle and the fact you feel we lied and mislead you. I must stress to you that we did not ever intentionally mislead you. The oil you are looking for on your reciept is covered under shop supplies with a total of $11.84 which covers such things as top off oil for your transmission.
We made every attempt to clean the oil residue off of your vehicle from the engine compartment and behind the front bumper and under the vehicle. I do not own a steam cleaner for our shop so we did  the best we can to make your car presentalble for your trip.
You even signed your repair order stating "Thanks for the great service". This is another very troubling reason why just indiscriminately assigning a score of 1 to a survey that you may not know all the facts. This effects the lives of all the good people that work very hard at this small dealership. We are certainly not a big city dealer that will blow off customers. My service advisor saw that you had a serious problem and we made every attempt to solve your concern and we did just that to the best of our abilities with the items that are installed on your vehicle. 
I personnally hope you will accept my appology for anything we have unknowingly done one your vehicle or to you personally. It is a rare event that anyone makes this type of accusation about our shop. In the future please consider calling our shop if you have any questions or concerns. We are always willing to help and go out of our way to help anyone. This type of survey has a serious troubling effect on many good people. 
If you have the opportunity I would be very pleased to discuss this situation with you but I respect your privacy.


Patrick Considine
Service Manager

John R.
Goshen, IN
2009 Hyundai Elantra
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
08/22/2016 Category: Service
Never again
Very disappointed with the service and cost of looking at my car..
PAT C., Service Manager from Goshen Hyundai responded on 08/23/2016

I have read your comments and to say the least I am also very disappointed.
  John you made an appointment in advance and dropped your vehicle off after hours and filled out a drop off envelope and signed it giving our shop the permission to inspect and diagnose your vehicle. We were also not aware that you went to your local part store for a diagnosis. As a rule we do not use part stores diagnosis because they are generally unreliable. If a consumer requests this we usually shy away from this type of work because the liability and warranty that needs to be conveyed is difficult to properly administer in the event of any comeback or loss.
Our charges for the diagnosis was agreed upon and  is fair according to industry standards. Also we provided you with an estimate before we did any work. This gave you the opportunity to decline the service which you conveyed to the service writer.
The part price is for a factory original part not for an aftermarket part and the labor to install came directly from and industry labor time guide.  The total price you quoted in your letter is with diagnosis. The diagnosis fee is not in addition to what you placed in your letter.
The statement you made  "this is a part that should be replaced by warranty" is something I cannot control. You purchased a used vehicle and at present time as far as I can tell you have no warranty. We also checked directly with Hyundai and the failed part is out of warranty. The part carried a 60 month 60,000 mile warranty from the factory and you have over 90,000 miles on your car at time of write up in our service department.
If you have an opportunity I would like to discuss this with you and maybe we can come to an agreement on how I can help you get your car repaired.
I am always open for discussion and would be more the happy to help:

Best Regards:

Patrick Considine
Service Manager