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Review for Gustafson Brothers Service Center
Ju-an B. on 08/23/2013
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Ju-An said she brought her vehicle to the business three months ago because the check engine lights were on. The water and the coolant was low, so they topped it off. They did a diagnostic test, but they could not identify a problem. She went for vacation and had not driven her vehicle for two months. She experienced the same issue and recently brought her vehicle back in. They did another diagnostic test and performed a leakage test. They still could not find a problem and again they topped off the coolant. She had already paid for a diagnostic test the first time, but she was charged another $60 for her recent visit. She is disappointed that she is paying for a problem that has not been fixed. Jose told her he has to pay his employees, which she understands, but it is their responsibility to fix the problem with no fee. She is a long time customer and she only goes to this business. She said Jose told her he did not know know she had been there before. They should look at the history of the vehicle. She told them she had not driven the vehicle for two months and she is having the same issue, but he did not take that into consideration. She is very dissatisfied with the business at this point.
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Review Created: 08/23/2013
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John G. at Gustafson Brothers Service Center responded on 09/03/2013

Ju-An thank you for your years of loyalty. As you requested we tested your vehicle a second time to determine if there was a leak. On both occasions when you arrived with your vehicle the coolant reservoir was full, and we can find no obvious leaks. Per your request we performed extensive pressure tests at your most recent visit to find the source of the leak. Our technician spent several hours on your vehicle but unfortunately nothing was determined. We believe in absolute honesty and we do not repair or replace parts if we cannot determine a need to do so. At this time we do not believe there are any immediate concerns with your cooling system. You had also stated you also took your vehicle to another shop and they could not find any red flags with your cooling system either. As a courtesy we only charged you for a half hour of time to investigate your concerns.