Hillsboro Village Auto Service Review from Daniel E. on 04/21/2021

Daniel E.
Nashville, TN
Jeep Wrangler
Verified Customer
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Laughable customer service. Do not spend your money here
The customer service at this garage lately is an absolute joke. I've been a customer here for years. I took my fiance's vehicle in to get a tire patched for a nail that was in it. I was told repeatedly that there wasn't a nail in the tire and that it must just be the weather changing. I was then spoken to like a 5 year old while Jen explained to me that the seasons changing can affect the pressure in the tires. 10 minutes later, I receive a text saying that they found the other half of a nail inside. Fast forward to later in the day, my fiance goes to pick up her Jeep. The mechanic that's leaving doesn't give her any useful information with regard to taking her own car home. Confused she asked if she just took the car, because it seemed like everything was paid for with how he had responded. He mocked her and then told her to go inside and pay for it. When she went inside, Jen managed to mock her too when she was confused about which key was being handed to her.

Somehow they managed to charge us 90 dollars for a plug on a tire and an inspection on all four tires that they initially refused to do. When I had dropped of the vehicle this morning, I'd asked if they could look at all the tires to make sure there wasn't any sort of nail in any of the tires and it was treated as though I had asked them to rebuild the entire engine.

Everyone has bad days but this service was absolutely pathetic. What a horrible way to run a service driven business. I would rate this garage lower but I literally cannot.

Do not bring your vehicle here.
Eric I., Owner from Hillsboro Village Auto Service responded on 04/24/2021

Hi Daniel, sorry to hear that you are disappointed. There were no leaks showing up in the tire during initial inspection. We checked the other three tires they tested fine. We called to gain more information on how often you had put air in the tire. You shared no air was put in the tire, the tire pressure had been fluctuating, and there was a nail/screw in the tire. Jennifer shared that the change in temperature can cause the pressure to fluctuate. You insisted we overlooked the nail and needed to check again. We were still in process of looking at the tires during the call for more information. The tire finally started to bubble up after an extended period, and we also found a broken screw inside the tire. We texted you to share we had found the leak and were repairing the tire. Your fiancé asked our technician if she could just take the vehicle. He simple directed her to the front counter to pay the invoice and get the key. She appeared confused that Jennifer handed her the key you left because she already had a key. We share our pricing upfront and never refused to check your tires. It was never our intention to make anyone feel mocked. We apologize for any miscommunication on our part. We hope you find a repair facility that meets your needs.