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Roger B.
Mount Vernon, OH
Honda Civic Si
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Jeanne B.
Mount Vernon, OH
Chevrolet Malibu
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
12/20/2018 Category: Service
Jeanne said the business is really too expensive. She will not be going back.
Jim A. from Howard Street Autocare Center responded on 12/24/2018


We appreciate the business. However, prior to performing your service; you approved the service prices that were quoted to you. If the prices seemed too high, you were given the opportunity to decline and search elsewhere before the services were completed. You elected to approve the cost, and move forward. If this was an issue, we would've been happy to address the issue immediately instead of receiving a poor review after the service was complete.

Moving into the future, we would be happy to assist you further in your mechanical repairs. Though, we recommend evaluating your financial situation prior to approving necessary repairs, in order to avoid any further confusion on your end regarding the price.

-HSAC Office Staff

Helen B.
Mount Vernon, OH
Buick Skylark
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