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Charlie L. on 07/17/2015
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I thought $450 in labor to replace the door lock actuator (which I supplied) was rediculous. I'm a retired guy with a nine year old BMW, not a young techie rolling in money.
Vehicle: BMW 328i
Service Date: 07/15/2015
Review Created: 07/17/2015 08:33 AM
Giovanni P. at International Sport Motors responded on 07/18/2015

I am sorry to hear that we didn’t meet your expectations on getting your car repaired, or felt that you were overcharged for the repairs performed on your vehicle.

I would like to take the opportunity to explain the diagnostic procedure and the replacement of your door lock actuator, and how the labor arrived of at the amount of $450.00. 

You called us stating that you had purchased 2 door lock actuators and wanted to have them replaced, but we explained to you that before we would replace them a diagnostic would be required to actually confirm the locking problem you were experiencing. We made you aware of the diagnostic needed prior to replacing the parts, and that it may not be necessary to be replace both actuators. The original diagnostic was for the amount of $143.00 which you authorized us to get started. We connected the diagnostic scanner, found multiple fault codes related to the central lock system, & we provided a report for you.  During the diagnostic we found the main central locking system main fuse was blown caused by a short circuit within the system.  To locate the short circuit the technician had to inspect the wiring harness, disconnect the door lock actuator on all four doors in order to narrow down the cause, or from where the source of the electrical short was. We called you and explained to you that an additional $300.00 of further diagnostic time would be required to locate the electrical short, which you also authorized us to continue on.  It turned out that the left front door lock actuator was shorted causing the main fuse to blow, and deactivated the complete locking mechanism.

Once we determined the problem, it turned out that you only needed one lock actuator instead of both.  To replace the lock actuator it required the removal of the interior trim panel for access and the reprogramming of the lock system using the diagnostic scanner, which we were able to complete within the $300 diagnosis amount.  As you can see the $450.00 was not only to replace the door lock actuator, but also to accurately diagnose the electrical short. It would have not made sense to replace two of the lock actuators you supplied without a diagnostic first, or without knowing the source of the problem.

I am hoping this detailed explanation of the repair process was helpful to better understand the repairs performed, and also feel free to call me with any additional questions you might have. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, and hopefully, if the opportunity is given, we will make sure the communication will be better on future repairs you may need on your vehicle.

 Thank you,

Giovanni Palazzo