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Review for Interstate Auto Care
Pat P. on 06/29/2012
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Pat said this business is way overpriced and they talked to her like she was a teenager that did something wrong, which had her in tears. She mentioned that they charged her a diagnostic charge and did not diagnose the vehicle. They put the vehicle on a lift for 5 minutes and charged her $100. She said this business services the vehicles at the business where she works and she was supposed to get a good deal. She stated she feels like since they did not diagnose the vehicle, they should have given her the money back. She will not recommend them due to this visit.
Vehicle: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/26/2012
Review Created: 06/29/2012
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Bill N. at Interstate Auto Care responded on 09/01/2012
Dear Pat, I'm beside myself as I read your account of this visit. Who did I talk to for nearly an hour spelling out, in detail, the several major problems with her vehicle? Who did I recommend go back and get her money back from the used car lot that sold her this patch-work of plastic and metal? Have you read the paragraph's worth of information detailing what we spent almost 2 hours inspecting on that afternoon? I think not. I guess I owe you an apology for "bringing you to tears", but what would you have me do for the good money that you paid to inspect this vehicle? Lie to you about what a horrible investment this was/is? Sugar coat the extent of the collision damage to the front clip? Tell you that it was smart to walk into those shark tanks we refer to as "B lots" and come out unscathed? I'm sorry that I had to be the bearer of the bad news on that day, but I urge you to redirect your frustration toward the shady individuals who sold you that vehicle and remind you of our convesation about having your next used car inspected before your next purchase. The person that I talked to that day was upset and shocked at the news, but was seemingly appreciative of the fact that she at least knew what the condition of her car was. Where has she gone?