IRA Collision Review from Jodi W. on 03/10/2012

Jodi W. on 03/10/2012
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Jodi said she was not happy with her experience. Her vehicle was in this facility for 17 days, but she was not informed of that ahead of time and did not elaborate as to how much longer it was there than it should have been. She said that overall, Jason was nice, but did not communicate with her well. She did not appreciate his email to her typed in all capital letters, as if he was yelling at her. She thinks that the parts were ordered when she got there, not ahead of time, which contributed to the delay. She was told there were also problems with one of the parts ordered and that it had to be reordered. She was unsure of what parts were ordered. Jodi also had to pay out of pocket for her rental, which was very disappointing to her. Due to her bad experience, she would not recommend them to others. She would prefer to go to her local repair business.
Category: Collision
Review Created: 03/10/2012
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.