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Sandy M. on 04/21/2011
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Sandy rated her overall experience a 1 because of several issues that were happening with the vehicle. She rated the quality of the repair a 1 and said the outside of the repair looked beautiful, but she had to take it back 3 times in a week. The anti-freeze was leaking, the steering wheel was barring to the left and there was a clunking noise coming from the front where she was told that some bolts and screws were missing. She didn't feel safe driving the vehicle and traded it in for another Lexus. The repair was 2 weeks later than promised, but said that Jason Luis, was very helpful. The insurance paid $18,000 for the repairs when it should have been totaled. She will not be bringing her current vehicle here for repairs in the future.
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Review Created: 04/21/2011
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Greg R. at IRA Collision responded on 04/27/2011
This vehicle had over $20,000.00 in damage. The customer returned the car three times. Once she complained that the car sounded louder than it did prior to the accident. She also complained that there was a noise under the right front floor. It turned out to a bolt that needed to be retourqed. She also had an issue with a small antifreeze leak when she originally came to pick up the car. The customer Traded the car in after the repairs were completed. She felt with the amount of damage the vehicle had it should have been totaled.