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Review for Lister's Automotive
BOB S. on 11/08/2015
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"Business and Pleasure"
Lister's is an enjoyable place to do business. There is courtesy, then genuine friendliness. Next comes the business side of a visit: A.) honesty: I was told that one of the services I requested was not really necessary. I had never had that experience. I insisted that I wanted to have it done, but was pleased at the advice. Cost: a technician called me and told me the cost. I was given the opportunity to say yes or no. I knew from past history that the expenses for service were competitively priced. For example, an alignment cost me $55.00. That is the lowest alignment charge I have ever had in Melbourne. Also, a detailed computer graphic and data printout, that gave me all the factors of the service, and, surprisingly, the 'before' and 'after' values. When I was called about my car being ready, at the last minute, my ride canceled. So Lister's sent me Jensen, the boss' son. He was first of all very courteous. And the ride was a pleasure because he was very friendly. And the friendliness I encountered from each employee was the real thing --none of that contrived friendliness from a textbook that is encountered at some businesses. I can recomment Lister's with enthusiasm. In fact, I am telling my stepson who has asked me to suggest an automotive service that Lister's is the place. I foresee returning to Lister's whenever I need repair work with which I have confidence. Their intention from all the signs is: It's Results: reasonable and right!
Vehicle: Hyundai Elantra
Service Date: 11/06/2015
Review Created: 11/08/2015 03:02 PM