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Review for M G Enterprises
Kelly B. on 03/17/2016
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"I love my old dependable lots of mileage car. I also love MG Enterprises for taking great care of my car."
MG Enterprises is a honest,trustworthy and reliable business. MG Enterprises is the reason I can have my vehicles for 15+ years. I will go nowhere else. I had a 2000 GMC truck with 265,000 miles on it. I loved that truck! I had to buy a new truck although my old truck was still running great. I sold the old truck it to a friend! Now that says a lot selling a vehicle with all those miles on it to a friend... I could do this only because MG Enterprises serviced and maintained my truck from day one I am the original owner. The truck owes me nothing! His son souped it up as it is his first vehicle and all he wanted was a truck!! and is driving it to and from school and work everyday! MG Enterprises is the reason I can keep my older vehicles trustworthy,dependable and reliable as MG Enterprises is all of those qualities and more!
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Service Date: 03/11/2016
Review Created: 03/17/2016 04:50 AM
Mike G. at M G Enterprises responded on 03/23/2016

Hi Kelly,
Thank you for the Great Review. I means a lot to us that you are Happy with the work that we do for you. Hopefully we can do the same thing for you with the new GMC. But you will have to start driving it a little more if you want it to go to 300,000 Miles. Thanks Again Mike G.