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Jane B. on 09/01/2011
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Jane said she was not satisfied with the quality of the repair because when she picked up her vehicle there were swirl marks on it from the buffer. She has brought it back 3 times and the marks are still there. There is overspray that is white on the rubber of her vehicle and there are some red spots on her vehicle that need to be scraped off. Her door that was not supposed to be painted was painted, and it was done poorly. It has a wavy orange peel effect on it. Someone at the business ran into something in her vehicle and the back bumper has a huge crack in it. She can tell it was lifted up. The business told her they could paint the crack, but that is not going to help. She paid $2,800 for her vehicle to look absolutely perfect and it looks worse than when she brought it in. She does not know what to do with her vehicle now, she paid the bill for it already. She does not know if she should take it somewhere else or sell it. She said her vehicle was her baby and now it looks horrible. She is really, really disappointed. Her vehicle was ready when promised, but she had the business redo some of the body work so it took 2 additional days. She chose not to evaluate the way she was treated by the personnel because the guy there was very, very pleasant but she did not get any satisfaction out of how her vehicle was presented to her. She has to take a day off of work to try and get her vehicle fixed again because she is a teacher and the business is not open on weekends. She wants to know how she can get her vehicle fixed. She said the work done at the business was not any good, it is like icing without any substance. She would not recommend this business to others for the above reasons. She would even put out an advertisement to tell people not to go to this business. She is specifically angry with the person who painted her door because it was not supposed to be painted.
Category: Collision
Service Date: 08/22/2011
Review Created: 09/01/2011
Roger S. at Massey Cadillac Orlando Body Shop responded on 09/09/2011
This response is unfortunate but also 1/2 true. Although Ms.Berkerly does have damage on her rear bumper, we have digital dated pictures showing that it was damaged when it came in. We asked if she wanted that repaired also which she declined and later it was found that an outside bumper vendor had indeed tried to repair her bumper. Furthermore, her left rear door was never painted while here and that can easily be proven. The orginal factory paint is all that is on the left rear door. We are not open on Saturdays as of yet but did infact open our doors for Ms. Berkley on a Saturday for her convienance. Since she could not make it in Monday thru Friday 7:30 am til 6:00pm, we had several people come in on their day off to help Ms. Berkley. The vehicle was completely detailed just before she came in and while she was here an additional glaze was put on the vehicle and then a hand polishing was done while she watched. At that time Ms. Berkley thanked us repeatedly, was extremely happy, paid and picked up her very complete repaired vehicle. Also at the time while she was very happy she mentioned the rear bumper. After her estimator reminded her and showed her he had pictures of her damaged bumper that was listed on the old damage report sheet that she signed, she again thanked us for the wonderful job and drove away smiling. We will again contact her and see what we can do to again make her happy. We do want every customer to have a world class guest experience!